France SailGP Team revamp squad for early season edge

France SailGP team has announced changes to their flight controller and coach, and added a fourth grinder to the team for season 2 for early season edge

Great Britain SailGP team hanging on the telephone . . .

Great Britain SailGP team hanging on the telephone . . . With the SailGP organisation still drip feeding news of the new teams, also to be announced is the make-up of the revamped Great Britain SailGP team

Denmark SailGP Team confirmed following New Zealand selection camp

With just over a month until the start of SailGP Season 2, the roster for the Denmark SailGP Team presented by Rockwall is confirmed for its debut campaign in the global championship

SailGP Musical Chairs continue with Bruno Dubois switch to France team

French SailGP Team has announced former team China boss Bruno Dubois as their Team Manager for the 2020 season

Heart Racing Moments of SailGP Season One!

As SailGP prepares for an expanded season 2, here are some of the most heart-racing moments of SailGP season one!

SailGP to transform a traditional sport into a revolutionary world-class spectacle

SailGP to launch its first global marketing campaign in January 2020 as part of the buildup to Season 2, which kicks off February 28-29 in Sydney

Ainslie takes flight on SailGP F50 for first time

Great Britain SailGP Team helmsman Ben Ainslie stepped onto the high-tech simulated replica of the SailGP F50 for the first time, see video here

Spain SailGP Team replace China in Season 2 lineup

A new Spain SailGP Team is to join the leagues global championship Season 2 lineup as China Team drop out

Denmark join SailGP Championship for season 2

As expected, Denmark were named as the seventh SailGP team with Jonas Hogh Christensen as team manager

SailGP launch seventh F50 in New Zealand

The seventh SailGP F50 was launched on Bream Bay, New Zealand last week