Americas Cup

AC37 Puig Womens AC Trophy
Puig Women’s America’s Cup Trophy revealed in Barcelona

The new trophy for the inaugural Puig Women’s America’s Cup, was presented by Puig at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, Spain.

AC75 INEOS Jim Ratcliffe
Sir Jim gets on his bike to power INEOS Britannia

INEOS Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe joined Sir Ben Ainslie as a cyclor onboard Ineos Britannia’s flying America’s Cup race boat.

AC75 Ineos Brtannia Naming and Launch
INEOS Britannia christen AC75 race boat . . . The movie

INEOS Britannia, the British Challenger of Record racing for the Royal Yacht Squadron Ltd in the 37th America’s Cup, has christened and launched its AC75 race boat “Britannia” in Barcelona.

AC75 INEOS Britannia Naming
INEOS Britannia christen AC75 race boat in Barcelona

INEOS Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe joined INEOS Britannia CEO and Skipper Sir Ben Ainslie in Barcelona to lead the naming ceremony for their America’s Cup race boat

AC37 – INEOS Britannia building from a low baseline

INEOS Britannia are keen to reverse 173 years of history at the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup and on Saturday it was time to test the lower end capabilities of their latest AC75.

AC75 INEOS Britannia
AC37 – INEOS Britannia lighting the after-burners

INEOS Britannia arguably put in the performance of the day, lighting the after-burners and just looking better and better

AC75 AM Boat3 Christening
NYYC American Magic roll out and sail their new AC75

NYYC American Magic roll-out showed Boat 3 with the first set of slightly asymmetric race foils, rudder and rig all in place

AC37 – INEOS Britannia let rip in glamour conditions in Barcelona

The story of the day in Barcelona was the sheer performance of INEOS Britannia, who, for the first time, let it rip downwind on a huge 10 mile run and at a truly astonishing pace

AC75 Orient Express Arrives
AC37 Final Brick in the Wall – Orient Express Racing Team

The Orient Express Racing Team AC75 reveal is expected in the next couple of weeks. Their AC75 arrived in Barcelona in early April

Taihoro begins her journey up to Barcelona to defend the America’s Cup

After 14 days of commissioning, Taihoro begins her journey up to Barcelona to defend the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup

INEOS AC75 RB3 First Sail
First Sail for INEOS Britannia’s AC75

INEOS Britannia’s new race boat for the 37th America’s Cup has set sail for the very first time

AC75 INEOS Britannia Team
AC37 – Will the much vaunted INEOS Britannia/Mercedes-AMG F1 tie-up deliver the Cup?

With the INEOS Britannia AC75 – RB3 – now on the water we can see the physical result of the the integration of the British America’s Cup sailing team with Mercedes-AMG F1