Americas Cup

AC36 D5 Scoreboard
America’s Cup – Advantage Emirates Team New Zealand

After two more races Emirates Team New Zealand have taken a 5 – 3 lead over Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli in the 36th America’s Cup match in Auckland, New Zealand

America’s Cup – Day 5 racing set on the ‘back paddock’

When it comes to pressure, there’s plenty of it as Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli head back out onto the race course which for Monday will be area E

AC36 Postponed
America’s Cup – No Racing possible on Day 4

Weather won the day in New Zealand on Sunday, the fourth day of the 36th America’s Cup, with the America’s Cup Race Committee forced to call off racing due to the lack of wind

AC36 Spectator Fleet
America’s Cup – Day 4 – Different day, same course, similar forecast

Day 4 of the 36th America’s Cup looks set to deliver another tense day for sailors and spectators alike.

AC36 ETNZ and Luna Rossa
America’s Cup – Day 3 and its 3 – 3 in the race to reach seven wins

Who will crack first? The third day of racing and the same result . . . all square after six races, but when the break-through comes expect a sudden and swift finish

AC36 Matt Sheahan and Freddie Carr
America’s Cup – Matt Sheahan and Freddie Carr discuss what we know so far

Matt Sheahan talks to INEOS Team UK grinder and Cup fanatic David ‘Freddie’ Carr about what we saw on Day 1 and 2 of the America’s Cup and why it matters.

AC36 D2 Spectators
America’s Cup – Day 2 and still Deadlocked at 2-2

Racing for the second day of the 36th America’s Cup stayed on the notorious ‘no passing lanes’ course E, making the starts crucial and highlighted how evenly matched the two teams are in light conditions.

AC36 Teams
America’s Cup – Rustiness or beaten fair and square?

Kiwi helm Pete Burling admits to a bit of ‘rustiness’ in the their suprise loss in the second race of the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland on Wednesday . . . can he do better on day 2 ?

AC36 D1 Spectators Auckland
America’s Cup – Day 1 and Game-On at ETNZ 1, Luna Rossa 1

With the first two America’s Cup races done, both teams have points on the leaderboard, this is not what the Kiwis expected, they have a race on their hands!

AC36 Dalton and Bertelli
America’s Cup – May the best team Win

With the 36th America’s Cup about to make a delayed start in lockdown Auckland, the two competing teams have been talking up the event.

AC36 Heli Camera
Capturing America’s Cup Images from Air and Sea

Here we have two videos that show you just how the images you see on-line and on TV media are captured from the air and from sea level

12 Metre Onawa US-6
Twenty 12mRs expected for 2021 World Championship in Finland

Filmed during the 12mR World Championship in Newport R.I. From July 8 – 13, 2019, twenty-two 12 metre yachts representing six countries converged on Newport to compete at the 2019 12mR World Championship