Southampton International Boat Show is Back

Southampton International Boat Show, Britain’s biggest festival of boating, returned to the shores of the Solent after a hiatus, making the biggest splash ever

Britain’s biggest festival of boating will return safely and with style

At the beginning of 2021 if you had suggested that announcing a boat show for September was a bold move, you would have been labelled a doom-monger. But the announcement that ‘Britain’s biggest festival of boating will return safely and…

Both Southampton Boat Shows Cancelled

A last minute decision by Southampton Council has forced the cancellation of the British Marine Boats2020 event, due to open Friday 11 Sept

Too much of a good thing?

It looks like sailing enthusiasts in Southampton will be spoilt for choice of Boat Shows this September

Boats 2020 . . . Outdoors and on the Water at Southampton

Southampton International Boat Show Ltd will present ‘Boats 2020’ at Mayflower Park, Southampton from 11 – 20 September 2020

Southampton International Boat Show postponed

Not unexpected but still a great disappointment . . . British Marine will be postponing the 52nd edition of the Southampton International Boat Show until September 2021

Newport and Monaco call it a wrap!

Boat Shows continue to be cancelled despite the easing of coronavirus restrictions in some parts of the world