America’s Cup Jungle Drums beat for Dalton’s head

The America’s Cup jungle drums are beating with increasing fervour as the date approaches for the revelation of the venue for the next cup . . .

America’s Cup – Never forget, never forgive

Never complain, never explain. ‘ Immortalised by Benjamin Disraeli, Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton has added a twist to that pithy maxim . . . never forget, never forgive

America’s Cup – The perfect way to end the week . . .

While the America’s Cup injunction sits in the court for a week, which should calm things down nicely, ETNZ continue to clock up the miles on the Waitemata courses

America’s Cup – ETNZ return to High Court

New Zealand America’s Cup Team, ETNZ, returned to the High Court in Auckland on Monday in their battle to prevent a draft audit report on finances for the AC36 event being made public

America’s Cup event managers . . . ‘informants’ or ‘whistleblowers’

As the America’s Cup farrago takes a breather before the injunction court hearing on Monday, the two contractors dismissed by Team New Zealand as informants were widely named

Grant Dalton statement claims highly orchestrated attack

On Friday Team NZ CEO Grant Dalton issued a press release claiming that the New Zealand America’s Cup defender was under a highly orchestrated attack

America’s Cup team defrauded by scammers

Team NZ boss Grant Dalton has admitted that the organisation had been defrauded by scammers, with money being paid into an incorrect Hungarian bank account

America’s Cup leak scandal rumbles on

The ETNZ leak scandal rumbles on with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called upon to comment