Echoes From The Deep – Wreck of Ship that sent Iceberg Warning to Titanic located

A new book – Echoes from the Deep by Dr Innes McCartney of Bangor University – includes the discovery of the ship which sent an iceberg warning to the RMS Titanic, before the ocean liner sank.

The Asymmetric Dinghy Book

Timing is everything and this latest guide to asymmetric sailing has got it spot on with the coronavirus restriction lifting just in time for the 2021 season and dinghies hitting the water

Rope’s Off On ‘The High Seas’ . . . first faltering steps into a consuming lifelong pastime

Rope’s Off On ‘The High Seas’: Rope’s fun sailing adventures with his siblings and godfather . . . This is not the usual structured learning to sail guide . . .

Dinghy Sailing Start to Finish

Dinghy Sailing Start to Finish is the perfect book for you if you are new to sailing, or if you are an experienced dinghy sailor wanting to broaden your skills and develop your techniques

Get to grips with the latest Racing Rules

It’s going to be a long lockdown winter, and no matter which Tier you find yourself in, just the time to get to grips with the latest edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing

Whichever way the wind blows

Out of all the explanations for why a sailor has lost out on a race, unforeseen changes in the wind and the weather are the most frequent

Optimist Racing – Sail it like Ainslie

Optimist Racing is written for those sailors, parents and coaches who are looking for success in this competitive class

The Perfect Introduction to Sailing & Racing

Latest release in the Fernhurst Books Practical Companion series of handy, splash-proof and spiral bound pocket books

RYA Dinghy Show – A little light reading

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Fernhurst Books’ founding in 1979they will be launching a record six new books on at the 2019 RYA Dinghy Show