IOC release solidarity funds to Ukraine

It is good to hear that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that it will be releasing an initial $200,000 (£150,000) to support the Ukrainian Olympic community impacted by the war

Olympics for UK in 2040?

According to the newly published Levelling Up White Paper, Britain could launch another bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Happy New Year to all as we stumble into 2022

With even the few UK sailing events at this time of the year already being cancelled, it seems that little has changed despite the best efforts of national governments.

Tokyo 2020/1 Olympics come in under budget!

Tokyo 2020/1 organizers have claimed that the estimated official costs for the Games were US$1.8 billion less than anticipated at US$13.6 billion.

Olympic Sailing – Success comes at a cost

Britain took the title of top sailing nation . . . All this success comes at a cost, in the case of British Sailing £22.3+ million over the four-year Olympic cycle . . . equating to 4.5 million per medal