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Australian 18 Footers League Spring Championship – Final

The AppliancesOnline team of Brett Van Munster, Phil Marshall and Kurt Fatouris are the 2019-2020 Australian 18 Footers League Spring champions

Brest Atlantiques emerge unscathed from upwind battering

The four Ultim 32/23 Class trimarans emerged unscathed from the past 24 hours of very strong winds and particularly rough head on seas

Brest Atlantiques back in action at 50 knots!

Latest Brest Atlantiques video images from Sodebo Ultim 3 of Thomas Coville and Jean-Luc Nélias at 50 knots

Qualified Clubs for Sailing Champions League 2020

The qualified clubs from Europe for the SAILING Champions League 2020 are set

Brest Atlantiques take time-out to repair and recover

A quarter of the total distance of Brest Atlantiques has now been covered in more or less six days by the four trimarans of the Ultim Class 32/23

Hugo Boss arrives in Cape Verde Islands

Alex Thomson and Neal McDonald have arrived safely into the Cape Verde Islands onboard the keelless HUGO BOSS

Hugo Boss less than 300 miles from Cape Verde

Alex Thomson and Neal McDonald on the keelless Hugo Boss have an ETA of Friday morning in the Cape Verda Islands.

Brest Atlantiques Passing Gibraltar at over 40 knots

Thirty hours into racing and all four of the trimarans competing on the Brest Atlantiques race have already reached the latitudes of Gibraltar

Brest Atlantiques race officially started . . .

The Brest Atlantiques race officially started Tuesday 5 November, at 11am, in front of the Chaussée de Sein

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Top 20 revealed

The top twenty pictures from the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award selected by the international jury revealed