AC37 – Extreme electrical fire badly damages INEOS Britannia AC40

The INEOS Britannia AC40 ‘Athena’ suffered an electrical fire that brought their Friday training session off Barcelona to a sudden close.

Ben Ainslie . . . ‘Boat B’ is just a click faster than ‘Boat A’

INEOS Britannia started digging into a conundrum that’s bothered the team since the arrival of their second AC40 for the two-boat race practise programme, why is one faster?

Mission Control we have a problem . . . The advantages of Mission Control for AC37

Mission Control we have a problem . . . Four decades ago, going all the way back to the 12m era in Newport, USA, the engineering support for an America’s Cup boat amounted to a fast RIB back at the sailing base and a VHF radio.

AC37 – Ainslie buckles down to two boat training with INEOS Britannia

INEOS Britannia have started two boat training with the new AC40-10 ‘Sienna’ and the older AC40-2 ‘Athena’ in Barcelona.

Improvements and frustrations in Jeddah for INEOS Britannia  . . . and that’s just the fans

Ben Ainslie and the Ineos Britannia America’s Cup team finished fifth (of six) in the second AC40 Preliminary Regatta

AC40 Jeddah Preliminary Regatta – Ainslie back in the game?

A successful day of practice racing for the six America’s Cup teams ahead of the AC40 Jeddah Preliminary Regatta.

Ben Ainslie – We clearly got the balance wrong, and we need to put that right

After finishing last at the first AC40 Preliminary Regatta in Vilanova i La Geltru, Ben Ainslie admitted that they got it wrong.

INEOS Britannia final session in Palma before move to Barcelona

INEOS Britannia completed their final sailing session in Palma, Mallorca, on Thursday 15 June, ready for their move to Barcelona

INEOS Britannia roll out new Banana Foil on T6 in Palma

INEOS Britannia rolled out ‘T6’, their LEQ12 prototype, after a week of upgrades and modifications in Palma, Mallorca

Two new signings for INEOS Britannia sailing team

Harry Leask and Ryan Todhunter are the two new signings to the INEOS Britannia sailing team.

INEOS Britannia take-off with dramatic ‘skyrocket’ on W-Foil

The headline grabber was the dramatic ‘skyrocket’ by INEOS Britannia’s T6 when a spectacular sky jump which saw T6 at an angle of 30 degrees with just the rudder still in the water

Finn Sailor James Skulczuk signs for INEOS Britannia

Finn sailor and cycling enthusiast James Skuczuk is the newest recruit to the INEOS Britannia Sailing Team, the challenger of record for the 37th Americas Cup