INEOS Britannia suffer another structural issue on the rudder.

After one of INEOS Britannia’s best days on the water, the day was marred for the team with another structural issue on the rudder

INEOS Britannia roll out new Banana Foil on T6 in Palma

INEOS Britannia rolled out ‘T6’, their LEQ12 prototype, after a week of upgrades and modifications in Palma, Mallorca

INEOS Britannia LEQ12 first launch and tow-test shakedown in Mallorca

The final piece of the 37th America’s Cup training jigsaw fell into place with the initial launch and tow-test shakedown of the INEOS Britannia LEQ12, ‘T6’, out in the harbour at Mallorca.

INEOS Britannia reveal all new T6 test boat

INEOS Britannia reveal new ‘T6’ test boat in partnership with Mercedes-AMG F1 Applied Science.