The Ocean Race – Team Malizia set new 24 hour monohull distance record

Team Malizia have set a new 24 hour monohull distance record, edging past the mark set earlier Friday – 640.91 nm by Team Holcim-PRB

Team Malizia win Leg 3 of The Ocean Race

At 05:20:28 UTC / 02:20:28 local time in Brazil, Team Malizia glided across the finish line off Ocean Live Park in Itajaí to win leg 3 of The Ocean Race, collecting 5 points in the process.

The Ocean Race – Team Malizia lead fleet around Cape Horn

The German team Team Malizia rule the south, leading past the iconic Cape Horn and winning the Roaring Forties trophy.

The Ocean Race – Rosalin Kuiper suffers head injury in boat wipe out

Team Malizia’s Rosalin Kuiper suffered a head injury as they approached Cape Horn.

The Ocean Race – And the fickle finger of fate

In the Ocean Race Team Malizia quickly recovered their wrecked headsail but discovered a 26cm long hole in the face at the top of the carbon fibre mast

The Ocean Race – Team Malizia lose sail overboard

Team Malizia have suffered a failure on the locking mechanism for its headsail which resulted in the sail going overboard.