Quanhai Li of China is new World Sailing President

Quanhai Li of China replaced Kim Andersen of Denmark as President of World Sailing when the result of the vote was revealed on Sunday 1 November

Seeliger offers ‘guidance’ to NMA in World Sailing Presidential vote

The battle for the leadership of World Sailing, the governing body, moved into the second round of voting this week

Andersen and Li face second vote in Presidential election

World Sailing Presidential election to go to second round of voting after no candidate received more than 50% of the votes

World Sailing statement on Presidential election interference

World Sailing has issued a statement regarding interference in World Sailing Elections.

World Sailing Ethics Commission issues Warning to President Andersen

A report has appeared that World Sailing Ethics Commission has issued World Sailing President Kim Andersen a ‘Warning’ after abusing the signatures of his vice presidents

World Sailing issues ‘Reminder’ to Member National Authorities

World Sailing President Kim Andersen reveals attempts to challenge the sailing programme for 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

World Sailing Presidential Newsletter – June 2020

Kim Andersen, President of World Sailing, has released his June Newsletter on the status and actions of sailing’s world governing body

President Kim Andersen’s update on the various World Sailing ‘Townhall Meetings’

Kim Andersen, President of World Sailing, has released his latest Newsletter update on the situation and actions of the international body

World Sailing President Kim Andersen on necessary adjustments to the new realities

In his latest Newsletter, Kim Andersen, President of World Sailing, confirms that this pandemic has affected and will affect all areas of society, including all of us in the sailing world

World Sailing to delay CEO appointment

World Sailing is expected to delay the appointment of a new CEO until there is more certainty around World Sailing’s budget

World Sailing President Kim Andersen replies to media criticism

World Sailing President Kim Andersen has been under a lot of pressure with regard to the apparent critical financial situation of World Sailing during his tenure. Following a highly critical article in the Norwegian Sail Magazine, the president of World…

World Sailing – Another foot in mouth incident

A row has broken out between World Sailing and the Sailing Illustrated, the on-line sailing news show