INEOS Britannia roll out new Banana Foil on T6 in Palma

INEOS Britannia rolled out ‘T6’, their LEQ12 prototype, after a week of upgrades and modifications in Palma, Mallorca

INEOS Britannia take-off with dramatic ‘skyrocket’ on W-Foil

The headline grabber was the dramatic ‘skyrocket’ by INEOS Britannia’s T6 when a spectacular sky jump which saw T6 at an angle of 30 degrees with just the rudder still in the water

AC37 – Serious rudder damage for Swiss AC75 BoatZero

Alinghi Red Bull Racing suffered some pretty serious rudder damage during a bear-away off Barcelona.

Ainslie and INEOS Britannia team ‘turtle’ their T6 off Palma

Ben Ainslie and INEOS Britannia team suffered a double capsize, culminating in a complete ‘turtle’ of their T6 LEQ12 test boat.

The Swiss are, pardon the pun, on a roll . . .

With the new Alinghi Red Bull Racing AC40 now unwrapped and taken into the shed to be worked on while the AC75 would be out sailing and the obvious anticipation around that.

ETNZ back on the water with rebuilt LEQ12

Emirates Team New Zealand made a quick return to Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf today on their newly repaired LEQ12.

American Magic AC75 Patriot capsizes again

The American Magic team’s revamped AC75 Patriot, capsized during a training session after they hit debris in Pensacola Bay,

Luna Rossa, Ineos Britannia and the Instrumentation questions

It was a big day in the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli LEQ12 programme with big mistral breeze combining with an offshore swell that gave the sailors their most thorough sailing test to date.

Alinghi Red Bull Racing hit 40+ Knots

After a few days off, the Alinghi Red Bull Racing Team came back out of their temporary shed at the Barcelona Nautic Centre.