Prada Cup – Ainslie nails Day 1 with back to back wins

Ben Ainslie and INEOS Team UK nailed day 1 of the Prada Cup in Auckland, with back-to-back wins

Prada Cup – Day 1 of the America’s Cup Challenger Selection Series

The first stage of the Prada Cup, Challenger Selection Series will feature a Round Robin of twelve match races. See it live on the Internet

Can Ainslie inspire another America’s Cup comeback?

Speaking ahead of the opening day of racing for the Prada Cup Challenger Selection races, Ineos Team UK Team Skipper Ben Ainslie rolled off an extensive list of the changes they have made to their Americ’s Cup boat Britannia. But will they work?

Giles Scott explains the Prada Cup courses

Ahead of the Prada Cup, Ineos Team UK Tactician Giles Scott talks through the five courses that could be used, video here