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AC37 – Orient Express Team’s AC75 construction expected to begin in May

Tip & Shaft sail racing have reported that construction of the French Orient Express Team future AC75 will begin in May 2023

Macif group withdraw from Ultim circuit

The Macif group has announced that it is withdrawing the Ultim circuit, in agreement with its skipper François Gabart

The Ocean Race could be postponed for a year

In a recent interview, Johan Salén, co-owner of The Ocean Race, talked about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the 2021-2022 edition and a possible postponement

We won’t go back to where we were . . . this will be a big, big reset for everyone

Andrew McIrvine, Secretary General of the International Maxi Association, and the driving force behind the success of the IMA over recent years, looked at the coronavirus pandemic situation for big boat racing

Ellison splashes US$50 million on first SailGP season

The first season of the new SailGP circuit is reckoned to have cost Larry Ellison 50 million dollars and is set to continue for 5 years . . .