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Barnacles slow Golden Globe sailors

3rd placed GGR competitor Uku Randmaa set off from the stopover gate in Hobart lamenting the state of the bottom of his Rustler 36 One and All , which is covered with barnacles

Loic Lepage dismasted – Rescue Update

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre at Canberra has taken on responsibility for coordinating a rescue mission after Loïc Lepage dismasted in Golden Globe Race

Loïc Lepage dismasted in Golden Globe Race

At 18:30 UTC Saturday, French solo yachtsman Loïc Lepage set off his Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) on his yacht Laaland

Golden Globe Race – Mark Slats reaches Hobart

Australian born Dutchman Mark Slats will be the next competitor in the Golden Globe Race fleet to reach the Hobart film drop

Golden Globe Race – Day 106

On Monday, Dutch skipper Mark Slats alerted the Golden Globe Race HQ that his yacht had just suffered two knock-downs in quick succession . . .

Golden Globe Race – Film Gate stop for Van Den Heede

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede passes through Hobart film gate with 1,600 mile lead over 2nd placed Mark Slats.