World Sailing vote to remove Finn, 470, RSX

After a series of vote, submission M36 - to remove the Finn, 470 and RSX from Olympics - was approved as the Events Committee recommendation.

Submission M36 from the Chairman of the Events Committe, received more than 50% of the vote and was subsequently approved as the Events Committee recommendation to Council for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Submission M36 proposes the following::

Replace the men/women RS:X with a new board:

Men’s / Women’s Windsurfer
1 registered production board
Maximum of 3 registered production rigs
1 registered production foil and 2 registered production fins
The equipment must be able to launch from the beach and be suitable for winds from 6-30 knots
and both racing formats and slalom.

The disciplines should include slalom and may include a long distance race and/or short course racing or other suitable disciplines, with a combined score determining the places.

Replace men's Heavyweight one person dinghy - Finn with:

Mixed Team Kiteboard
High performance hydrofoil system (single mast), hull open
High performance foil kite quiver up to 4 kites to cover wind range of 6-40 knots
Registered series production systems for hydrofoil and kite.

A mixed team of one male and one female would compete as a team with the scores of both male and female sailors counting and combining to determine the overall place.

Example only . . . could be a short track relay style event with short (10 minute) 4 lap courses (
men and women alternating).

One gender starts, does one lap, then after passing the leeward mark sails into a “change zone” and the other member of the team starts over the wake of the first sailor.

Replace men/women two person dinghy - 470 with:

Men’s /Women’s One Person Short Course
To suit an athlete physique different to the ideal physique for the retained singlehanded events.
Must be highly maneuverable over a wind range of 5 – 25 knots.
Hiking or trapezing allowed.
Should offer configurations that allow equipment to be tailored to an individual sailor’s physique.

The format should not be traditional fleet racing. This event must be sufficiently different to
the retained singlehanded events.

This could be achieved with innovative formats such as multiple short, fast races each day with rules relaxed to allow more kinetics, different courses such as gates at the midpoint on windward and/or leeward leg, a reaching leg, and different structures such as knock out rounds or elimination series leading to a final of a small number of boats.

These recommendations will be voted on by the main World Sailing Council on Monday 14 May.

Full Submission M36 available here (pdf)

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