World Sailng Annual Conference - There will be tears!

The World Sailng Annual Conference from 4 - 12 November 2017 in Puerto Vallarta, México, will discuss the classes to be used in the Paris 2024 Olympics.49er Feeling Safe? -

Although the classes for Tokyo 2020 will be the same as Rio 2016, it is looking likely that there will be some game-changing decisions for Paris 2024 if sailing is to remain in the Games.

And remaining in the Olympics is the main object for World Sailing, so expect some major moves to start at this conference to facilitate changes for future Olympic classes.

The newer classes: 49er and Nacra17 will feel safe, while the 470, RS:X and Finn are all looking over their shoulder and filing some proactive submissions:

Equipment Committee Agenda item 12 is - 2024 Olympic Event and Equipment Decisions. This is where the first moves will come.

Included among the dozens of Submissions are:

Submission 108-17 - World Sailing will organise a double-handed Offshore World Championship in One Design boats - as they have already proposed to the IOC as an Offshore Showcase event at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Submission 080-17 - A submission from the Chair of the Women’s Forum, To have equal number of disciplines for Women and Men at 2024 Olympic Medals . . .

Proposal 1 - To have 5 disciplines for Men and 5 for Women
Proposal 2 - To have 4 disciplines for men and 4 for women and 2 mixed events

Submission 078-17 - A submission from US Sailing - Complicated overhaul to achieve event gender equity for the 2024 Olympic Games.

As an example, US Sailing say they might support the following slate of events:

M&W Singlehanded Dinghy
M&W Doublehanded Dinghy
M&W Board Sailing Pentathlon (kites and windsurf)
M&W Multihull
Mixed Offshore Keelboat
Mixed Team Racing (existing athletes, supplied boats, 2nd medal)

Not Safe? - Click image for a larger image

The FInn class have several submissions regarding light and heavy sailors, and the Japanese MNA have one - put back to May 2018 - To give fair chance for all young athletes of different size and weight - But basically saying that taller and heavier sailors are favoured.

So this meeting is just the beginning, World Sailing will be guiding it towards whatever is required to keep sailing in the Games after 2024 . . .

And not just for World Sailing. No Games, no Lottery money for the RYA . . . this will run and run and there will be tears!

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