World Cup Series - Medal Race Day in Japan

Britain's Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell took gold and James Peters and Fynn Sterritt silver in the 49er at the Gamagori World Cup Series racing in Japan. Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell with Andy Rice on umbrella -

Bronze went to Poland's Lukasz Przybtek and Pawel Kolodzinski.

Three races were sailed Saturday in light weather.

Peters and Sterritt won the first race, Fletcher and Bithell the second and in a match-race third race Fletcher and Bithell finished sixth for gold, with Peters and Sterritt eighth and the silver.

Peters and Sterritt managed to put themselves in gold medal position but right at the finish, the Brits got caught up in a cluster of boats and were sandwiched between the finishing boat and some of their rivals.

This opened the door for Fletcher and Bithell who sailed through for gold and their compatriots had to settle for silver.

Poland's Lukasz Przybytek and Pawel Kolodzinski won that third race to take bronze.

Peters and Sterritt - Click image for a larger image

In the women's RS:X gold to Hei Man H V Chan of Hong Kong by just one point, with silver to Fujiko Onishi of Japan and bronze to Xianting Huang of China, who won the medal race.

In the women's 49er Victoria Travascio and Maria Branz of Argentina took gold ahead of Tanja Frank and Lorena Abicht of Austria with the silver and in bronze it was Sayoko Harada and Sera Nagamatsu of japan.

Other medal races postponed . . . Typhoon expected for Sunday.

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