Lendy Cowes Week - Day 6 Offshore Results

The Black Group yachts starting on the Bramble line headed to the west, with the increasing tidal stream tending to carry them over the line.

IRC Class 0 was racing for the Triple Crown of some of the sailing world's most prestigious trophies. Today Peter Morton's Fast40+ Girls on Film won the King George trophy ahead of Igor Yakunin's Ker 46 Lady Mariposa and Tony Langley's TP52 Gladiator.

In the HP30 class the overall class leader after the first five days of racing, Malcolm Wootton's Farr 30 Pegasus Dekmarx, started closest to the southern end of the line under spinnaker and also responded to the recall signal.

However, Pegasus climbed back up through the fleet to take line honours ahead of the higher-rated Farr 280s and claim her third seventh win in the 10 races the class has sailed to date.

A change in the weather is expected tomorrow, which will test competitors' skills in different conditions. A blustery south westerly breeze will bring squally showers and a low risk of thunderstorms mid-afternoon.

It will feel cold and gusts well above 24 knots could accompany the squalls. Any rain is expected to clear by evening, when a display by the Red Arrows is scheduled, before the firework display.

Day 6 Round up Report here

Overall leading positions after Lendy Cowes Week - Day 6

Black Group Overall
1, LEON (David Franks)
2, JACK RABBIT (Caroline van Beelen ad Rutger Krijger)
3, WHOOPER (Giovanni Belgrano)
4, INCOGNITO (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
5, TENZING (Tenzing)
6, SWUZZLEBUBBLE (Phil Plumtree)
7, FARGO (Bertie Bicket)
8, ZIGGY (Kevin Downer, Josh Downer, Tim Eccles, Martin Young)
9, ANDAXI (Martin and Donna Rouse-Collen)

White Group Overall
1, DAUNTLESS (Giles Peckham)
2, DANNY (Roger Wickens)
3, BETTY (Jon Powell)
4, HARLEQUIN (John Raymond & Matt Alexander)
5, CHRISTIANNA (Oliver Morgan)
6, LASS (Andrew, Bullock, Lear, Tremlett)
7, SHEEN (Ben Few-Brown)

Triple Crown
1, GIRLS ON FILM (Peter Morton)
2, GLADIATOR (Tony Langley)
3, LADY MARIPOSA (Lady Mariposa Racing inc Igor Yakunin)
4, TOKOLOSHE II (Michael Bartholomew)
5, INOXXX (James Neville)
6, TSCHUSS (Christian Zugel)
7, REBELLION (Stewart Whitehead)
8, VAN UDEN (Van Uden Rotterdam Offshore Sailing Team)
9, TEAM JOLOKIA (Team Jolokia)
10, ZEPHYR (Steve Cowie)

IRC Class 0
1, GLADIATOR (Tony Langley)
2, LADY MARIPOSA (Lady Mariposa Racing inc Igor Yakunin)
3, TOKOLOSHE II (Michael Bartholomew)
4, TSCHUSS (Christian Zugel)
5, GIRLS ON FILM (Peter Morton)
6, VAN UDEN (Van Uden Rotterdam Offshore Sailing Team)
7, INOXXX (James Neville)
8, REBELLION (Stewart Whitehead)
9, TEAM JOLOKIA (Team Jolokia)
10, ZEPHYR (Steve Cowie)

IRC Class 1
1, FARGO (Bertie Bicket)
2, ALBATOR (Philippe Frantz)
3, VENCOM (Johan A. Gustavsson)
4, OYSTERCATCHER XXXI (Richard Matthews)
5, ECLECTIC (Colin Campbell)
6, GALLIVANTER (Tor McLaren)
7, TUTIMA (Kirsten Harmstorf-Schonwitz)
8, ESPRESSO MARTINI TOO (Glyn Sheffield)
9, PATA NEGRA (Malcolm Hollis)
10, THUNDERBIRD (Rupert Wolloshin)

IRC Class 2
1, YES! (Adam Gosling)
2, JUNO (Christopher Daniel)
3, MCFLY (Tony Mack)
4, NIFTY (Roger Bowden)
5, MOANA (Francois Goubau)
6, REACH (Mary Rook)
7, RUMBLEFLURG (Ian Schenkel and David Cummins)
8, JOURNEYMAKER II (Chris Jones and Louise Makin)
9, XINSKA (Bernard Olesinski)
10, SUNRISE (Giles Redpath)

IRC Class 3
1, INCOGNITO (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
2, TEAM HEINER III (Team Heiner Talents)
3, LA REPONSE (Andrew McIrvine)
4, SHADOWFAX (David Rolfe)
5, SLEEPER XI (Jonty and Vicky Layfield)
6, STER WENN V (Pierre Sallenave)
7, NUTMEG SOLIDAIRE (Francois Lognone)
8, MINX 3 (Jonathan Gardiner)
9, OLYMPIA'S TIGRESS (Susan Glenny)

IRC Class 4
1, LEON (David Franks)
2, DAVANTI TYRES (Chaz Ivill and Paul Heys)
4, ASSASSIN (Mark Brown)
5, TONTIN PUPS (Tontin Pups)
6, NJO SAILS (Nicky & Tim Octon)
7, JELLYFISH (A Greene & B Huber)
8, MALICE (Mike Moxley)
9, NO RETREAT! (David Riley)
10, CHALLENGER (Adam Ridett & Phil Moore)

IRC Class 5
1, SWUZZLEBUBBLE (Phil Plumtree)
2, WINSOME (Harry J. Heijst)
3, BLACKJACK II (Andy and Annie Howe)
4, XCITABLE (Peter and Sarah Hodgkinson)
5, J'RONIMO (David Greenhalgh)
6, NIGHTJAR (Banks, Overstall and Searle)
7, UPSTART (Robin Stevenson)
8, MUSKOX (Neville Devonport)
9, SLINGBACK (John Barrett and Paul Woodward)
10, JET (James Owen)

IRC Class 6
1, WHOOPER (Giovanni Belgrano)
2, STAN THE BOAT (Toby Gorman)
3, BOB (K & G Simmons, K Vasey, J Wellerd & L Allen)
4, SCALLION (Martin Moody and Cara Golden)
5, ICOM COOL BLUE (Simon Cory)
6, PROSPERO OF HAMBLE (Allan Fraser)
7, WORKOUT (Jeff Worboys)
8, XARA (Jonathan Rolls)
9, PAMELA (Alex Thorsby, Peter Tierney, Mike Thomson, Rhys Pickett, Tob)
10, SHEARJOY (S & CR Farren)

IRC Class 7
1, ZIGGY (Kevin Downer, Josh Downer, Tim Eccles, Martin Young)
2, GR8 BANTER (Handley James Families)
3, MANDARIN (Paul Dunstan)
4, CRAKAJAX (Richard Hollis)
5, JOEY (Oliver Smyth)
6, FEARNOUGHT (Mike Jones, Stuart Phelps, Uta Griesenbach)
7, ERIK THE RED (Bernard Fyans)
8, KALLISTA (Chris Halewood)
9, TRUDI (Chris Williams and Rosie Geyman)
10, CONTEZA (David Kirkley)

Contessa 32
1, ANDAXI (Martin and Donna Rouse-Collen)
2, BLANCO (Ray Rouse)
3, DRUMBEAT (Eldred Himsworth)
5, ASSENT (Jeremy Rogers, Ben Rogers, Kit Rogers, Jessie Rogers)
6, NIMBUS (Charles Hill)
7, PERSEPHONE (Mark Tyndall)
8, GUALIN (Rob Duke and Oli Donaghy)
9, MINSTREL BOY (Martin Carter)
10, COH KAREK (Tim Devlin)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, BABY X (Charles Esse)
2, ANTICIPATION (Pete Newlands)
3, INCISOR (Derek Saunders)
4, EXHILARANCE (Clive Buesnel)
5, MINX (Gary & Sasha Fry)
6, NO CHANCE (Chris Panting)
7, BEWICK OF HAMBLE (Bewick Partnership)
8, PIONEER LUTINE (Pioneer Underwriting)
9, DESPERADO (John Caulcutt, Richard Loftus and Joe Powder)
10, CAVEMAN (Nik Atkinson)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, ZENITH (David McDonald)
2, FLEUR DE SEL (Ms Karen Harris and Mr Adam James)
3, ECOS (Solent Boat Training)
4, PAR EXCELLENCE (Simon Froom)
5, PROSPERO (Bruce Mauleverer)
6, TYCHE (Gary Parker)
7, ALCIBIADES III (Christopher Parker)
8, MAGUS TAO (Bob Sharp)
9, SALTY SAILING (Salty Sailing)
10, DOUBLE TROUBLE (Ben Lowes)

Cruiser (Div C)
1, STAR-BORN 4 (Peter Dickson and Andrew Yates)
2, HAGGIS 2 (Andrew and Rebecca Buchanan)
3, PANDA OF HAMBLE (Will Smyth)
4, TUDOR ROSE (Ian Cooke)
5, CHATTERBOX (Simon & Julia Bowes)
6, EASY GLIDER (Olly Hughes)
7, CALYPSO (Jon Foreman)
8, BLUE VIKING (Andrew Yates and Paul Eaton)
9, REACH 4 THE WIND (Team Reach 4 the Wind)
10, SAPHIR (Tony Mace)

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