Henri Lloyd Half Ton Classics Cup win for Swuzzlebubble

Strong winds and huge seas meant that racing had to be cancelled on the final day of the Henri Lloyd Half Ton Classics Cup in Falmouth.

That decision confirmed the 1977 Bruce Farr designed Swuzzlebubble as the 2016 Cup winner.

Swuzzlebubble was sailed by owner/helm Greg Peck, Steve George, Mike Relling, Kevin George, Mike Grieg, Andy Yeomans and James Dodd.

Ultimately Swuzzlebubble's winning margin was just five and a half points from Paul Pullen's 1986 Andrieu designed Miss Whiplash.

Third was Ireland's Jonny Swan and his team aboard Harmony, designed by Rob Humphreys in 1980.

Swuzzlebubble - Click image for a larger image

Winning the Corinthian Championship for the first all amateur crew was Jonathan Cunliffe's 1985 Berrett/Finot designed Emiliano Zapata, which finished in eighth place overall.

The first production boat trophy went to Richard and Ursula Hollis's beloved 1985 Jeppersen X95 Crakajax.

The Spirit Of Half Ton Trophy which is awarded to the person who best personifies the true spirit of the Half Ton Class, went to David Evans of Hullabaloo XV.

This for his long standing support of the class, for his commitment to maintaining and racing his 1978 Stephen Jones Hustler SJ32.

And for single-handedly sailing 380 miles through a force eight gale from his home port on Walton Back Waters in Essex to compete in Falmouth.

Henri Lloyd Half Ton Classic Cup at Flushing SC - Final

1st Swuzzlebubble NZL3494 Greg Peck 12 pts
2nd Miss Whiplash GBR5435 Paul Pullen 17.5 pts
3rd Harmony IRL1484 Jonny Swan 26.5 pts
4th The Big Picture IRL5522 M & R Evans 28.5 pts
5th Sibelius FRA8055 Jean-Philippe Lau & Claude Charbonnier 33.5 pts
6th Checkmate IRL2016 David Cullen 34 pts
7th General Tapioca BEL7548 Philippe Plitae 54 pts
8th Emiliano Zapata FRA9156 Jonathan Cunliffe 57.5 pts
9th K1(king One) IRL8094 Kelly Boardman 65 pts
10th Concorde FRA9292 Francis Marshall 68 pts
11th Demolition GBR8444 Mel Sharp 68.3 pts
12th Crackajax GBR4080T Richard Hollis 79 pts
13th Quokka 9 GBR8185 Peter Rutter 83.5 pts
14th Superhero GBR5384 Stoschek Tukolas 89.5 pts
15th HullabalooXV GBR108 David Evans 95 pts
16th Scorpion GBR5592 Geoff Davies 99.5 pts
17th Rampage FRA9187 John Hicks 114 pts
18th Per Elisa GBR2679R Robbie Tregear 127.5 pts
19th Spip BEL5399 Thibaut Martin 131 pts
20th Half'Capone ESP2752 Jean Courbon 136.5 pts

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