Iker Martinez Misconduct Protest Update

The 2018 World Championship jury has issued an update to the misconduct hearings against Iker Martinez of Spain following his refusal of entry to the Nacra 17 regatta.

The conclusions of that update (in brief) are that:

1. Mr. Iker Martinez deliberately modified ESP 70 in breach of the class rules and he concealed the modification.

2. Mr. Iker Martinez did not tell the truth to the Event Disciplinary Investigating Officer (EDIO).

3. Mr. Iker Martinez did not tell the truth to the International Jury during this hearing.

The International Jury decisions of that update (in brief) are that:

1. The International Jury excludes Mr. Iker Martinez from the venue of the event from Thursday, August 9 at noon, and directs the organizing authority to revoke his accreditation from that point in time.

Since Mr. Iker Martinez’s entry was rejected by the organizing authority before he sailed any races in the event, the International Jury cannot impose scoring penalties.

2. This decision will be reported to World Sailing under RRS 69.2(j)(2) and WS Regulation 35.4.7.

As this is a Rule 69 "misconduct" matter it will now go before World Sailing's disciplinary body where further penalties could be applied.

The modification to ESP 70, his Nacra 17, was to elongate the area where the top bearing slides on each side of the boat to 79.5 mm from the standard of 75mm.

This allows the top bearing to be moved farther aft than on a standard boat, allowing for increased lift from the daggerboards.

On each side of the hull, the original bolt holes were filled and new holes drilled farther aft, and a medal guide was also altered.

Class President, Marcus Spillane commented: "While very disappointed with this situation and the unwanted focus on cheating, our measurement procedures have worked, in this case, to ensure that we are a strict one design Class"

"While an incident like the one playing out this week grabs headlines, it takes the consistent work of a large number of people to create a Class culture we can be proud of," said Class manager, Ben Remocker.

Full document available here

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