K1 Britannia returns to the Solent

At the second attempt to lift K1 Britannia, the replica of the King George V’s legendary Yacht Britannia, the lift was successful and K1 Britannia’s 64 ton hull was slowly raised into the air and then she swung over to the pontoon at the side of the crane. After carefully turning her hull she was lowered gently into the water right next to the pontoon and tied up safely.

As she has had some of her keel removed it was then necessary to bulk her up with ballast so that she would sit correctly in the water and 20 tons of ballast had to be put into her hold – mostly in the form of large bags of water – so that she would be able to make the journey over to Hythe.

On Wednesday 30 October the tow company Hitchen Marine rang and said there was a weather window so they were coming straight across to tow K1 Britannia to Hythe.

K1 was made ready for the tow and hitched to their tug. The sun poured down as she left but unfortunately on the way over there was a downpour, which meant that quite a few of the people helping got very wet. But once she was moored at her new berth in Hythe the sun came out – a good omen we hope.

Rule Britannia, famous J Class Royal Yacht back in Cowes

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