Match Cup Norway - Day 1

Ian Williams and his GAC Pindar team lead Qualification stage in Risor

The British team scored 12 points, one less than 2016 World Champion, Kiwi Phil Robertson and his China One Ningbo team.

They, plus third placed Jonas Warrer, the Beijing 49er Olympic gold medallist and second generation Swedish match racer Måns Holmberg will sit out Friday’s Sail Off stage and go directly to Saturday’s Quarter Final stage.

Williams pulled off several come from behind wins, the most dramatic being in race five when he simply sailed around Guichard and Dackhammar, as they were locked into their own personal match racing.

He pulled off a similar stunt in his final race Thursday, another action packed race that coincided with the wind peaking and saw a collision between PJ Postma’s Dutch team and Nicklas Dackhammar’s ESSIQ Racing Team, which saw with the Swedish team retiring with a broken rack.

During the lighter conditions of the morning session, Phil Robertson had banged in a consecutive series of four second-placed finishes. In the afternoon in the fresher breeze they took their first and only race win.

Australian Torvar Mirsky, scored two back to back wins and came close to a third in the afternoon session.

Match Cup Norway - Qualification

1st Ian Williams GAC Pindar 12 pts
2nd Phil Robertson China One Ningbo 13 pts
3rd Jonas Warrer Warrer Racing 16 pts
4th Måns Holmberg Gothenburg Racing Team 18 pts
5th Torvar Mirsky Mirsky Racing 19 pts
6th Harry Price Down Under Racing 19 pts
7th Yann Guichard Spindrift Racing 21 pts
8th Nicklas Dackhammar ESSIQ Racing Team 22 pts
9th Johnie Berntsson Berntsson Sailing Team 22 pts
10th Daniel Bjørnholt Youth Vikings 26 pts
11th Pieter-Jan Posma Sailing Team NL 29 pts
12th Petter Mørland Petersen Norsteam 36 pts