Martin Hill is 2018 Etchells World Champion

Australia's Martin Hill sailing with Sean O'Rourke, Julian Plante and Mat Belcher is the 2018 Etchells World Champion

Hill took a win in race 8 and then finished with a sixth in the final race Saturday to take the world title.

In second place was Mark Thornburrow (HKG 1406) sailing with Mike Huang, Alexander Conway and Will Ryan, and third overall was Matthew Chew (AUS 864) with Brian Donovan, Ben Vercoe and Ashley Deeks.

Britain's Lawrie Smith finished in ninth place, Rob Goddard was 52nd.

Etchells World Championship - Leaders after Race 9 (94 entries)

1st AUS 1449 Lisa Rose, Martin Hill, Sean O'Rourke, Julian Plante, Mat Belcher - - 46 pts
2nd HKG 1406 Racer C, Mark Thornburrow, Mike Huang, Alexander Conway, Will Ryan - - 63 pts
3rd AUS 864 Gen XY, Matthew Chew, Brian Donovan, Ben Vercoe, Ashley Deeks - - 65 pts
4th AUS 1440 Triad2, John Bertrand, Ben Lamb, Noel Drennan - - 72 pts
5th AUS 1443 Tango, Chris Hampton, Sam Haines, Charlie Cumbley - - 96 pts
6th USA 1427 Stella Blue, Stephen Benjamin, Michael Menninger, Ian Liberty, Jonathan Goldsberry - - 104 pts
7th USA 1464 Skanky Gene, Jay Cross, Mike Buckley, George Peet, Eric Shampain - - 109 pts
8th AUS 1377 Roulette, Jud Smith, Mark Johnson, Andrew Smith - - 110 pts
9th GBR 1434 Alfie, Lawrie Smith, Richard Parslow, Goncalo Ribeiro, Pedro Andrade - - 112 pts
10th AUS 1383 Triad, William Voerman, Lucas Down, Gary Van Lunteren - - 127 pts

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