Lendy Cowes Week - Day 6 Dayboat Results

A combination of light and shifty north-westerly winds of 6-12 knots and strong tides provided a day of close racing and gave navigators plenty of challenging tactical decisions . . .

The Sportsboat class had a close race, with the entire fleet finishing within three minutes of each other.

David and Kirsty Apthorp's J/88 J-Dream took line honours in the 12.5 mile race, but slipped to fourth place after time correction, behind Boss Hog's modified Cork 1720 Spider Pig, Paul Lewis's Rum n Cork, and Sunshine.

Oliver Morgan's Dragon Christianna made a perfectly timed start at full speed at the inshore end of the line, popping out a length ahead of Eric Williams' Ecstatic and Martin Payne's Full Speed.

At the end of the two hour race Sankher took the winning gun, 21 seconds ahead of Christianna, with Ecstatic finishing third 27 seconds later.

The stream was running hard for the Victory class start just before midday. Six minutes after the start, as they passed north of East Cowes Christina was leading just ahead of Shearwater ll.

Christina went on to win, ahead of John Scammell and Maxine Reeves' Zinnia, with Shearwater ll third.

The Squib fleet, racing on a predominately windward-leeward course from a committee boat produced arguably the tightest racing of the day.

The leaders - Graham and Julia Bailey's Alchemy and Micky Wright's Spoof - crossed the line just three seconds apart. The next two - Chris and Ben Gibson's Wizard and Joe Henry's Bacchante Vll - were just two seconds apart.

Despite a disappointing 34th place in Thursday's race, Steve Warren-Smith and Stu Rix's Aquabat remain at the top of the leaderboard of the class's 50th National Championship, just one point ahead of Nigel Grogan's Helmut Shoing ll.

Day 6 Round up Report here

Overall leading positions after Lendy Cowes Week - Day 6

1, DAUNTLESS (Giles Peckham)
2, AUDAX (Roger Marwood, Helen BulbeckMos)
3, DEFENDER (Jeremy Preston and Robert Laird)
4, FINESSE (Diana McNeill)
5, DARLING (Carron Snagge, John Sichel, Bob Gatehouse, Charlie Sichel)
6, DOLPHIN (David N Gower, Jamie B Clark, Peter Haworth, Gordon Tunghan-)
7, DOUBLE KNOT (John and James Hackman)
8, DIAMOND (Mike Fox)
9, DECOY (Andrew Norton, Sir Richard Ottaway, Julian Goodwin, David Ch)
10, STREAK (Hamish Janson, George Dibben, Malcolm Lofts)

1, CHRISTIANNA (Oliver Morgan)
2, ECSTATIC (Eric Williams)
3, JERBOA (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
4, BERTIE (Simon Barter)
5, FULL SPEED (Martin Payne)
6, SANKHER (Richard Jordan)
7, FURIOUS (Owen Pay)
8, CHIME (Dr Jenny Stutley)
9, FANFARE (MD Issaias)
10, SUPREMACY (Andrew Millband)

1, MAN'S BEST FRIEND (Martin Hill and Andrew Palfrey)
2, EXABYTE (Shaun and Emily Frohlich)
3, DESPERATE (Rob Tyrwhitt-Drake)
4, COLIN (Sophie Heritage)
5, JOLLY ROGER (Tom Abrey)
6, ZIGGY (Andrew Wishart)
7, ICE (Andrew Cooper)
8, STAMPEDE (Rob Goddard)
9, SHAMAL (Will Bedford)
10, SUMO (Ted Blowers)

Farr 280
1, TOUCAN (Glyn Locke)
2, PANDEMONIUM (Jamie Rankin)
3, 4SALE (Hans Genthe)
4, BUZZ (P Gudel, J Blanc, J Gaillard, S Perrin, A Gander, A Maillard)
5, MOFO (Joe Hall, Gavin Tappenden, Jon Rowe, Paddy James, Arthur Whi)

Flying 15
1, FOURWINDS (Charles and Timothy Apthorp)
2, MEN BEHAVING BADLY (Rupert Mander)
3, FFLASHBACK (Mike Dixon)
4, FREEFIRE20 (Sam Chan)
5, DOUBLE TROUBLE (Andrew Rutherford)
6, FREDDIE FLINTOFF (Geoffrey Mead)
7, AFFORE THE WEAK (Alex and Mike Tatlow)
8, DURBAN FFLYER (Tony Bedingfield)

HP30 overall
1, PEGASUS DEKMARX (Malcolm Wootton, Moto Comp Ltd)
2, TOUCAN (Glyn Locke)
3, JO 90 (Richard Woof)
4, PANDEMONIUM (Jamie Rankin)
5, 4SALE (Hans Genthe)
6, MITTENS REVENGE (Mikhail Tokarczyk)
7, BUZZ (P Gudel, J Blanc, J Gaillard, S Perrin, A Gander, A Maillard)
8, MOFO (Joe Hall, Gavin Tappenden, Jon Rowe, Paddy James, Arthur Whi)

J/70 overall
1, EAT, SLEEP, J, REPEAT (Paul Ward)
2, JUST4PLAY (Simon Cavey)
3, DARCEY (Clive Bush)
4, THE JANITOR (Marshall King)
5, JDOG (John Greenland)
6, EV EXPERTS (Glynn Williams)
7, JELVIS (Martin Dent)
8, SORCHA J (Peter Harrison)
9, SCEPTRE (Ali Hall)
10, PHAN (Jeremy Thorp)

1, BETTY (Jon Powell)
2, MOCKINGJAY (Chris Body)
3, CHECKMATE (Ray Mitchell)
4, JESTER (Mike Lewis)
5, PURPLE HAZE (Richard Powell)
6, JIBBA JABBA (Richard Puddifoot)
7, KING LOUIE (Fiona and Malcolm Thorpe)
8, WILD CAT 3 (Andy Ash-Vie)
9, JACKAROO (RNSA Oliver George-Taylor)
10, BLUES IN J (Andrew Edwards)

1, UPSTART (Robin Stevenson)
2, NIGHTJAR (Banks, Overstall and Searle)
3, J'RONIMO (David Greenhalgh)
4, SAMURAI J (Alan Macleod and Andy Knowles)
5, VAGABOND (Mark Waddington)

1, JACK RABBIT (Caroline van Beelen ad Rutger Krijger)
2, JIRAFFE (Simon Perry)
3, JUMPING JELLYFISH (Christopher Sharples and Richard Acland)
4, BROWN TEAL (Clementi, Sheldon, Stanley, Walker)
5, BOO (Neil McGrigor)
6, DIAMOND JEM (Robert Stiles)
7, JUKEBOX (John Smart)
8, JUBILEE (Chris & Victoria Preston)
9, TEAM WHISKEY JACK (Nick Southward, John Scott, Andrew Christie)
10, JYBE TALKIN' (Chris Burleigh)

1, SHEEN (Ben Few-Brown)
2, HALLUF (Hugo Mills)
3, ROSEMARY (Noel Dobbs)
4, MIRANDA (John Sandiford-Haigh)
5, ANNABEL (William Edwards)
6, ADASTRA (Matthew Kavanagh)
7, SERENA (Elizabeth Windridge)
8, BLUEBELL (Tom Holbrook)
9, JADE (Clemi Mockett)
10, AMETHYST (Helen Birchenough)

Quarter Ton overall
1, AGUILA (Sam Laidlaw)
2, BULLET (Louise Morton)
3, BULLIT (Julian Metherell)
4, BELINDA (Tom Hill)
5, FLASHHEART (Jeff Dakin)
6, GREAT BEAR IV (Flemming, Manser & Welch)
7, COWES HYDE (Mark Wilkinson)
8, JOKER (Joanne White, Nick White, John White & Willy Pickance)
9, THESEUS (Jim Prower)

1, HARLEQUIN (John Raymond & Matt Alexander)
2, QUAIL (James Wilson)
3, CAPELLA II (Hugo Cuddigan)
4, GOOSE (Lieutenant Colonel Nick Woolgar and Olav Cole)
5, RED GAUNTLET II (Annie, Joe and Bel Robertson)
6, MUSICUS (Nicko Robertson and David McCue)
7, PRAWN (P M H Andreae)
8, PLOVER (Andrew and Sabrina Eddy)
9, ROSETTA (Greenwood and Tate families)
10, SNOWGOOSE II (Jonathan and Sarah Nainby-Luxmoore)

RS Elite
1, RIFF RAFF (Russell Peters)
2, MORE T VICAR (Ossie Stewart)
3, AURORA (David Hitchcock)
4, LEGS ELEVEN (Paul Fisk)
5, THE DOCTOR (Peter Copsey)
6, URAFIKI (James Yearsley)
7, ACTIVIA (Exeter University Sailing Club)
8, CENTURION (Robert Holbrook and Jamie Berry)
9, LITE BLOO (Adrian Ward)
10, EXCALIBUR (Marc Giraudon)

SB20 overall
1, SPONGBOB (Waha Waite McLean Youth Team)
2, XCELLENT (John Pollard)
3, CARNAGE (Matt Williams, Chris Williams and Robin Kirby)
4, SAIL NAVY (RNSA Lizzie Farrington)
5, BREAKING BOD (Charles Whelan)
6, RED KITE (Roger Harford)
7, RIB EXPRESS (Erik Verboom)
8, WIGHT DRAGON (Mark Irons)
9, L.O.S. (Rob Corbally)
10, SHARC (Charles Sheppard)

1, BERTIE (Alistair Barter)
2, MISCREANT (Rob Peace)
3, BISCUIT (James Holman)
4, DISCOVERY (Georgina hill)
5, JOSH (Charlie Laurence-Fuller)
6, WISCONSIN (Michael Luckmann, Christian Berndt)
8, DOLPHIN (Barry Byham)
9, HIBISCUS (Paul Patrick)
10, DISCARD ()

1, J-DREAM (David and Kirsty Apthorp)
2, SPIDER PIG (Boss Hogg & Babe Mclean and the Scratchings)
3, SUNSHINE (Malcolm Roberts)
4, RUM N CORK (Paul Lewis and Michael Livingstone)
5, PREMIER CRU (Tom Richardson)
6, V1 (Tara Gillespie)
7, RAGING BULL (Tim Tolcher)

1, (G) HELMUT SHOING II (Nigel Grogan)
2, (G) RICO'SHEA (Josh Metcalfe and Mark Hogan)
3, (G) CROSSFIRE (David Best)
4, (G) PANTHER 3 (Alex and Mark Downer)
5, (G) AQUABAT (Steve Warren-Smith and Stu Rix)
6, (G) PANIMUNTA (Mike Probert and James Bryer)
7, (G) SPOOF (Micky Wright)
8, (G) LADY PENELOPE (Malc Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)
9, (G) BRIMSTONE (Bryan Riley)
10, (G) WIZARD (Chris Gibson)

1, DANNY (Roger Wickens)
2, FIREFLY (Stewart Reed)
3, PENNY (Julian Money and Richard Pearson)
4, QUERY (Tim Hill)
5, MELODY (John Tanner)
6, POLLY (Nick Leach)
7, MYSTERY (Viv Williams)
8, LITTLE LADY (Gayle Palmer)
9, MAISY (Sue Smith)
10, DAINTY (Peter Nicholson and Mike Hollis)

Sunsail Match F40
1, TENZING (Tenzing)
2, LENDY (Lendy)
3, OPIHR (Opihr)
4, INVESTEC (Investec)
5, RED FUNNEL 1 (Red Funnel 1)
6, DELOITTE GREEN (Deloitte Green)
7, COLLINSON (Collinson)
8, DUBAI INTERNATIONAL (Dubai International)
9, DELOITTE BLACK (Deloitte Black)
10, RED FUNNEL 2 (Red Funnel 2)

1, ZINNIA (John Scammell and Maxine Reeves)
2, SHEARWATER II (Russell Mead)
3, PELICAN (Hugh Pringle)
4, ZELIA (Geoff and Sarah Dixon, David Price)
5, CHRISTINA (Gareth Penn)
6, ZIVA (Jim)
7, PEREGRINE (Carol Evans)
8, UNITY (Liz Ballard)
9, ISABEL (Mike Scott)
10, SEAGULL (Jim Page)

X One Design
1, LASS (Andrew, Bullock, Lear, Tremlett)
2, FOXGLOVE (Ashford, Palmer, Stupple)
3, SWALLOW (Simon Russell, Richard Faulkner, Darren Maple, Ben McGrane)
4, GLEAM (James Meaning)
5, XL (Rory and Amanda Paton, Stuart Paton)
6, CATHERINE (Colin McKinnon, Neil Hart & Chris Froy)
7, ASTRALITA (Michael Martell, Tim Copsey, Fraser Graham)
8, FURY (J Owen)
9, XCITATION (Roger Yeoman, Mike Moss)
10, LARA (Tredrea & McNeill)

HP30 short series
1, PEGASUS DEKMARX (Malcolm Wootton, Moto Comp Ltd)
2, TOUCAN (Glyn Locke)
3, JO 90 (Richard Woof)
4, 4SALE (Hans Genthe)
5, PANDEMONIUM (Jamie Rankin)
6, MITTENS REVENGE (Mikhail Tokarczyk)
7, BUZZ (P Gudel, J Blanc, J Gaillard, S Perrin, A Gander, A Maillard)
8, MOFO (Joe Hall, Gavin Tappenden, Jon Rowe, Paddy James, Arthur Whi)

J/70 short series
1, DARCEY (Clive Bush)
2, JDOG (John Greenland)
3, EAT, SLEEP, J, REPEAT (Paul Ward)
4, SORCHA J (Peter Harrison)
5, SCEPTRE (Ali Hall)
6, JELVIS (Martin Dent)
7, PHAN (Jeremy Thorp)
8, ELIZABETH (Fiona Hampshire)
9, THE JANITOR (Marshall King)
10, YETI (Jack Davies)

SB20 Grand Slam
1, XCELLENT (John Pollard)
2, BREAKING BOD (Charles Whelan)
3, SPONGBOB (Waha Waite McLean Youth Team)
4, SHARC (Charles Sheppard)
5, RIB EXPRESS (Erik Verboom)
6, WIGHT DRAGON (Mark Irons)
7, CARNAGE (Matt Williams, Chris Williams and Robin Kirby)
8, L.O.S. (Rob Corbally)
9, SAIL NAVY (RNSA Lizzie Farrington)
10, RED KITE (Roger Harford)

Squib National Championship
1, (G) AQUABAT (Steve Warren-Smith and Stu Rix)
2, (G) HELMUT SHOING II (Nigel Grogan)
3, (G) RICO'SHEA (Josh Metcalfe and Mark Hogan)
4, (G) LADY PENELOPE (Malc Hutchings and Andy Ramsey)
5, (G) SPOOF (Micky Wright)
6, (G) CROSSFIRE (David Best)
7, (G) WIZARD (Chris Gibson)
8, (G) PANTHER 3 (Alex and Mark Downer)
9, (G) PANIMUNTA (Mike Probert and James Bryer)
10, (G) BACCHANTE (Gez Brown and Harvey Worden)

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