USA Champion of Champions in the Y-Flyer

The American version of the UK's Championship of Champions Endavour Trophy event will take place this weekend at the Atlanta Yacht Club.

This version involves 17 one-design class champions competing for the Jack Brown Trophy.

One thing that will be noticable to British sailors is the wider spread of boat types, not just dinghies but small keel boat champions compete.

Some of the classes will be familiar to UK eyes, the Snipe, J24, J70, M-Scow and possibly the Thistle (like a big, old-style undecked I-14).

But others might be unknown here; the Isotope (an F16 catamaran), the Harbor 20 (a 20ft dayboat) and the class that the event is sailed in . . . the Y-Flyer.

The Y-Flyer is a 1938, 18ft scow type dinghy that weighed in at 500 lb (226.7 kg) with over 3,000 built, and described as a cross between an A Scow and a Fireball.

With the Y-flyer adult and junior champions competing this might seem to give them something of an advantage, as most of the other competitors have not sailed this class before.

Taking this on board is former event champion Mike Ingham (Thistle) who will have Paul Abdullah (J24) a four-time Y-Flyer National Champion, crewing with him.

“It would be great to pull it off,” said Ingham, who’s had a busy year as a coach for the US Sailing Team. “I have zero knowledge of the Y-Flyer. It’s got some sail area, so if it’s windy it could be a handful."

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USA Championship of Champions Entry list:

• Mark Beaton - 2018 Sandpiper National Champion
• James Bowers - 2017 Snipe National Champion
• Tarasa Davis - 2018 Snipe Women’s National Champion
• Bill Draheim - 2017 VX One North American Champion
• Bryce Dryden - 2018 Y-Flyer National Champion
• Mike Ingham - 2017 Thistle National Champion, 2018 J/24 NA Champion Paul Abdullah
• Walter Johnson - 2017 Harbor 20 Class Winner
• Brian Keane - 2017 US Corinthian J/70 National Champion
• Mike McCaffrey - 2018 Day Sailer North American Champion
• David Parshall - 2017 San Juan 21 North American Champion
• Megan Ploch - 2017 International Women’s Keelboat Champion
• Brad Russell - 2018 Thistle National Champion
• Joe Schroeder - 2017 M Scow National Champion
• Lucy Spearman - 2018 Y-Flyer Junior National Champion
• David Starck - Top American at 2017 Lightning North American Championship
• Alan Taylor - 2017 Isotope National Champion
• Jim Ward - 2018 Interlake Class National Champion

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