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World Sailing Equipment Committee recommendations

The World Sailing Equipment Committee met on Wednesday at the World Sailing Annual Conference in Sarasota, USA, to discuss the Equipment and Format proposels for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Earlier at the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting in London, in May, World Sailing's Council confirmed the five new Events for Paris 2024, following the confirmation of the five earlier in the year, as:

Men's Windsurfer
Women's Windsurfer
New Event, Mixed One-Person Dinghy
New Event, Mixed Two Person Dinghy
New Event, Mixed Kiteboard

They join the following Events and their Equipment on the Paris 2024 Olympic slate:

Men's One Person Dinghy - Laser*
Women's One Person Dinghy - Laser Radial*
Women's Skiff - 49erFX
Men's Skiff - 49er
Mixed Two Person Multihull - Nacra 17

*subject to separate equipment re-evaluation involving the D-Zero, Melges 14, RS Aero, Laser Standard and Laser Radial.

On Wednesday (31 Oct) the Equipment Committee debated the equipment and discussed numerous submissions received since the May meeting.

They then recommended the following submissions, regards racing formats for the five new events to Council:

Mixed Kiteboarding - Submission 097-18 - By various Kite Class assoc.

Format proposal:
Short Track Relay on a short windward/leeward course, with team members (male and female) covering laps alternating, with a changeover zone. Competition may consist of an opening series in heats and a knockout stage including winner takes all final or other form of final (i.e. best of x race wins). Proposed target time 10 minutes for 4 laps, each team member covers 2 laps with a total of 3 changeovers.

Mixed Two-Person Dinghy - Submission 058-18 - By World Sailing Board

1. Proposes Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore, 6 - 10 metres hull length as Suppied Equipment.

2. Proposes Mixed Two Person non foiling, trapeze dinghy (470?)

Format proposal: Various options for fleet racing – trapezoid, windward/leeward, triangle courses, downwind slalom and/or middle gates.

3. Proposed Equipment Criteria for Mixed Kite:

Format proposal: As that in the above proposel Submission 097-18.

Men's Windsurfer - Submission 091-18 (with amendments) by Funboard Class Assoc.

Format proposal: M - Course in light wind (foiling), Downwind Slalom in higher winds (planning).

Board concept: Light wind foil combination and High wind slalom board. to enable racing from 6 - 30 knots we need 2 boards and 3 sails. One foil board and one rig for winds approx. 6 - 15 knots, and one slalom board with 2 fins and 2 rigs for winds 12 - 30 knots.

Women's Windsurfer - Submission 091-18 (with amendments) by Funboard Class Assoc.
As that in the above proposel Submission 091-18.

Mixed One Person-Dinghy - Submission 082-18 - By Int Musto Skiff Class Assoc.

Equipment Criteria for Mixed One-Person Dinghy: Proposes non foiling, spinnaker, trapeze dinghy with different sail sizes for men and women.

The Equipment Committee have now put forward their recommendations and opinions to World Sailing's Council, who will make the final decision of Equipment and Format of Events for the 2024 Olympics.

World Sailing's Council will meet on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 November when they will either approve, reject or defer what's been proposed from the Equipment Committee.

From there, the decisions will be implemented worldwide.

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