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INEOS Team UK break cover

As we expected it is stealth mode off for T5 at the Cowes Overture!

INEOS Team UK the British Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup also released the first official images of their test boat, known as T5, a small scale foiling mono-hull.

No team's full-size race boat can be launched until before the 31 March 2019, under the America's Cup rules.

The INEOS Team UK test boat began sailing in late June and has sailed regularly from the team's Portsmouth base through the summer, with many snatched shots of the testing.

These are the first official images.

Grant Simmer, INEOS Team UK CEO was keen to stress this is only the start of a long process of design and development, in the build up to the America's Cup in 2021.

"We know the other teams won't be that far behind us and we must keep pushing harder than ever. This is a good start and a real credit to the whole team."

T5 will allow the team to learn to sail a completely new concept of sailboat and verify computer modelling and simulations for the design of their first race boat.

"Sailing T5 is an important part of the learning process with this new concept," added Ben Ainslie.

Click image for a larger image

T5 Facts and Figures

T5 is a 28-foot foiling monohull, it began life as a Quant 28 but has been significantly modified to match the fundamental parameters of the AC75, the class of boat that will contest the 36th America's Cup.

The modifications involved installing two foil arms, T-foils and control systems, changing the rudder, deck layout, hardware and rig.

The boat is scaled at 40% of the AC75.

The teams for the 36th America's Cup are gathered in Cowes, where it all began in 1851, for the announcement of the race course details for the 2021 Match.

They are also due to receive the drawings of the one design mast and the specifications for the mast's standing rigging.

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