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Int-14 World Championship - Final Day

Andy and Tom Partington take Int-14 World title in San Francisco

It came down to the final race and was for the British father and son pair to lose, their 25 point discard ready to penalise any error or gear failure.

But there was no gear failure, there was no error.

After a safe start, the Partingtons worked their way through the fleet to cross the finish line third and the World title was theirs.

Off the start line from the committee boat end, the top boats went left and concentrated on the port lay-line to the windward mark.

The British pair Doug Pattison and Mark Tait rounded first pursued by the Aussies, Mark Krstic and James Lanati.

The four World Champion contenders were flighting through the fleet watching every step their rivals took.

But nothing disturbed Pattison and Tait who took their first race win, with Krstic and Lanati second and then the Partingtons crossing in third with their main rivals following in line astern.

Fourth were Dan Holman and Alex Knight, 5th Neale Jones and Ed FitzGerald, 6th Lindsay Irwin and Andrew Perry AUS, and 7th Georg Borkenstein and Eike Dietrich GER.

Overall Jones and FitzGerald took second and Borkenstein and Dietrich were third.

Tom and Andy Partington

Talking Heads at the I-14 Worlds In Richmond, USA - Conversations with three of the leading crews: Tom and Andy Partington, Neale Jones and Edward Fitzgerald, and Lindsay Irwin and Andrew Perry just before the final races.

Int-14 World Championship - Final leading positions

1st GBR 1559 Penguin Dance - Andy Partington and Tom Partington - - 15 pts
2nd GBR 1553 Scrumpet - Neale Jones and Edward FitzGerald - - 23 pts
3rd GER 28 just in time - Georg Borkenstein and Eike Dietrich - - 25 pts
4th AUS 663 Ronstan/Irwin sails - Lindsay Irwin and Andrew Perry - - 29 pts
5th AUS 656 to late to stop now - Mark Krstic and James Lanati - - 29.8 pts
6th GBR 1556 Helly the Pelly - Daniel Holman and Alex Knight - - 32 pts
7th AUS 677 Wang Wang - David Hayter and Trent Neighbour - - 33 pts
8th GBR 1561 Marilyn - Douglas Pattison and Mark Tait - - 34 pts
9th GBR 1530 SMAsh it - Andy FitzGErald and Rich Dobson - - 45 pts
10th USA 1162 Eris - Mikey Radziejowski and Evan Sjostedt - - 58 pts
11th AUS 657 Do you get it yet? - Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan - - 61 pts
12th AUS 672 Alexander Sails - Dave Alexander and Matt Balmer - - 65 pts
13th GBR 1544 Pamela - Andy Shaw and Rob Struckett - - 68 pts
14th GBR 1517 Poppet - George Yeoman and Jack Yeoman - - 76 pts
15th AUS 659 Wembley Plumbing - Stuart Sloss and Eike Ehrig - - 79 pts
16th GBR 1546 Jungle Fire - Charles Duchesne and Adam Ovington - - 87 pts
17th USA 1168 MAPFRE Insurance - Paul Galvez and Cameron McDonald - - 95 pts
18th AUS 676 The Joker - Anthony Anderson and Dan Vaughan - - 98 pts
19th AUS 637 Devine Intervention - Graeme Everett and Andrew Wilson - - 100 pts
20th Can 622 Doug - Dan Cunningham/ and Ian Struthers - - 112 pts

Full Results available here

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