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RS Games - RS400 take to the water

While the RS 100, 300, 700 and 800 fleets completed their various championships without getting wet, the RS400 European/National Championships took to the water with gusto.

Well, maybe not that keen, but they did show a true championship spirit on day 2 . . . to go where no one else had gone.

Matt Sheanan explains:

By lunchtime the 400s were now at the front of the queue and waiting for the call.

When it came it was time to put down the skinny lattes, swap the gilet for a wetsuit and get back into racing mode.

It wasn’t easy, especially for those like Caroline Whitehorse and Tony Cliff (1414) who had decided that lunch off site was the order of the day only to be told by phone that the fleet had launched without them and that they were late.

Thirty seven minutes later they were rigged, afloat and in the start zone – an impressive Le Mans style performance.

For the rest of us the fast downhill blast to the start area had confirmed that Day 2 would be a punchy affair. And it was. Aside from several capsizes the day was a war of attrition for many with gear issues causing the bulk of the problems.

David Swift and Rob Burgess (934) were forced to retire when a puddle developed on their foredeck. An unconventional reason perhaps, but when they realised that the longitudinal stringers had failed under the deck causing the entire structure to invert, they were relieved that they had called it a day before a more expensive failure occurred.

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Meanwhile, Sean Cleary (1377) was asking his crew what had gone wrong in a gybe in the first race as he swam back towards the boat. His crew, Annalise Nixon, simply pointed to the rudder that she was swimming for that was drifting off downwind. From there it was a short conversation.

Even some of the rock stars were ending up in the drink as Jon Heissig and Nicky Griffin (1454) traded what would have been another top performance for a swim and a 7th in the first race yet they still remain 3rd in the overall rankings, tied with Alex Barry and Richard Leonard (1144).

But there were others that continued to excel in the strong breeze.

Top of the tree is James Downer and Jono Price (1385) who, after four races, are discarding a 1st – says it all really.

They are currently chased in the overall stakes by Francisco and Teresa Lobato (1480), just two points behind.

Day 3 promises to be a lighter affair and a change of gear, with less pre-start anxiety for all but those of us that are carrying a few extra pounds and a lack of talent.

The RS200 fleet will also join the RS Games from Monday, with the RS500 World Championship starting Tuesday.

RS400 European & National Championship - Day 2 - Leaders after 4 races (74 entries)

1st 1385 James Downer and Jono Price/Jack Holden -1 1 1 1 3 pts
2nd 1480 Francisco Lobato and Teresa Lobato 1 -3 3 1 5 pts
3rd 1454 Jon Heissig and Nicky Griffin 2 1 -7 3 6 pts
4th 1144 Alex Barry and Richard Leonard -4 2 2 2 6 pts
5th 1463 Stewart Robertson and Sarah Robertson 2 4 1 -8 7 pts
6th 1202 Sam Knight and John Knight -4 3 4 2 9 pts
7th 539 Mark Oakey and Dan Martin 3 4 RET 3 10 pts
8th 1377 Sean Cleary and Annalise Nixon 3 2 DNC 6 11 pts
9th 1460 Dave Exley and Mark Lunn 5 -6 2 4 11 pts
10th 1477 Ian Walker and James Stagg -6 5 3 4 12 pts
11th 1465 Ben Williamson and Richard Brameld 5 -8 4 5 14 pts
12th 1355 Robin Kirby and Alex Horlock -6 5 5 5 15 pts
13th 1467 Paul Ridgway and Andy Dawson -19 7 6 7 20 pts
14th 669 Jacob Ainsworth and Kayleigh Roberts 7 6 7 -9 20 pts
15th 963 Adam Whitehouse and Chris Bownes -10 7 8 6 21 pts
16th 1481 Howard Farbrother and Louise Hosken -9 9 5 8 22 pts
17th 1280 Iain Horlock and Charlotte Horlock -13 10 9 7 26 pts
18th 1109 Rob Jones and Jules Coles DNC 12 6 9 27 pts
19th 770 Thomas Broatch and Ancel Davison RET 8 11 10 29 pts
20th 1228 Sam Neale and Andrew Johnson 12 -21 8 11 31 pts

Full results available here

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