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Lendy Cowes Week - Day 5 Offshore Results

A change in the weather Wednesday gave a cooler and windier day, with gusts nearing 25 knots in the early afternoon

Thousands of sailors came ashore sporting big grins after an energetic day that saw many thrills and spills on the downwind legs. Today was Youth Day at Lendy Cowes week, with the spotlight shining on the numerous young sailors, teams and skippers at the event.

The first start was for the bigger yachts racing on the first day of the Triple Crown series for three of the sailing world's most prestigious trophies.

They started on the inshore Royal Yacht Squadron line, heading towards the east under spinnaker. A number of boats, including Tony Langley's TP52 Gladiator, and James Neville's HH42 Ino XXX, held back from the line, hoisting spinnakers 30 seconds before the start.

Despite accelerating quickly they were late at the gun, allowing Igor Yakunin's Ker 46 Lady Mariposa to get away ahead, even though his team hoisted the spinnaker later.

Yakunin had been at the top of the leaderboard for the Musto Young Skipper's Trophy after the first four days of the regatta this year. However, his team's fifth place today saw him slip to second place.

Gladiator subsequently powered away to take line honours in the 24 mile race and won on corrected time, 75 seconds ahead of Peter Morton's Fast40+ Girls on Film.

Lady Mariposa was second on the water, but slipped to fifth after time correction, behind Michael Bartholomew's GP42 Tokoloshe ll and another Fast40+, Stewart Whitehead's Rebellion.

Full day 5 report available here

Full results available here

See below for Day 5 leaders . . .

IRC Class 0
1, Gladiator (Tony Langley)
2, Girls On Film (Peter Morton)
3, Tokoloshe II (Michael Bartholomew)
4, Rebellion (Stewart Whitehead)
5, Lady Mariposa (Lady Mariposa Racing inc Igor Yakunin)

IRC Class 1
1, Albator (Philippe Frantz)
2, Fargo (Bertie Bicket)
3, Eclectic (Colin Campbell)
4, Vencom (Johan A. Gustavsson)
5, Gallivanter (Tor McLaren)

IRC Class 2
1, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
2, Moana (Francois Goubau)
3, McFly (Tony Mack)
4, Rumbleflurg (Ian Schenkel and David Cummins)
5, Juno (Christopher Daniel)

IRC Class 3
1, Team Heiner III (Team Heiner Talents)
2, La Reponse (Andrew McIrvine)
3, Sleeper XI (Jonty and Vicky Layfield)
4, Incognito (Paul McNamara and Tony Lowe)
5, Shadowfax (David Rolfe)

IRC Class 4
1, Leon (David Franks)
2, Redshift Reloaded (Ed Fishwick)
3, Assassin (Mark Brown)
4, Njo Sails (Nicky & Tim Octon)
5, Malice (Mike Moxley)

IRC Class 5
1, Xcitable (Peter and Sarah Hodgkinson)
2, Winsome (Harry J. Heijst)
3, Muskox (Neville Devonport)
4, Slingback (John Barrett and Paul Woodward)
5, Swuzzlebubble (Phil Plumtree)

IRC Class 6
1, Whooper (Giovanni Belgrano)
2, Bob (K & G Simmons, K Vasey, J Wellerd & L Allen)
3, Scallion (Martin Moody and Cara Golden)
4, Icom Cool Blue (Simon Cory)
5, Workout (Jeff Worboys)

IRC Class 7
1, Ziggy (Kevin Downer, Josh Downer, Tim Eccles, Martin Young)
2, Mandarin (Paul Dunstan)
3, Gr8 Banter (Handley James Families)
4, Joey (Oliver Smyth)
5, Erik The Red (Bernard Fyans)

Contessa 32
1, Blanco (Ray Rouse)
2, Drumbeat (Eldred Himsworth)
3, Nimbus (Charles Hill)
4, Mary Rose Tudor (Ed Bell)
5, Andaxi (Martin and Donna Rouse-Collen)

Cruiser (Div A)
1, Baby X (Charles Esse)
2, Anticipation (Pete Newlands)
3, Exhilarance (Clive Buesnel)
4, Desperado (John Caulcutt, Richard Loftus and Joe Powder)
5, Bewick Of Hamble (Bewick Partnership)

Cruiser (Div B)
1, Alcibiades III (Christopher Parker)
2, Tyche (Gary Parker)
3, Zenith (David McDonald)
4, Tiderace (Andrew and Muriel Norton)
5, Papillon (Paul Airey)

Cruiser (Div C)
1, Saphir (Tony Mace)
2, Chatterbox (Simon & Julia Bowes)
3, Panda Of Hamble (Will Smyth)
4, Haggis 2 (Andrew and Rebecca Buchanan)
5, Blue Viking (Andrew Yates and Paul Eaton)

1, Blue Note (Stephen Hopson)
2, Mostly Harmless (Natalie Jobling)

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