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Optimist National Championships - Lay Day

Volvo Gill Optimist British National and Open Championships at Plas Heli, Pwllheli

As the Optimist championships take their layday at Pwllheli, leading the Main Fleet is Christian Ebbin from Bermuda, with a six point lead ahead of Ireland's James Dwyer Matthews.

In the Junior Fleet Aston Smith of the USA leads with a five point advantage over Rocco Wright and Ben O'Shaughnessy, both of Irealand, who are tied on ten points.

The Regatta Fleet is led by Angus McEwen ahead of Sebastian Lyttle.

Optimist Main Fleet- Leaders after 5 races (154 entries)
1st BER1224 Christian EBBIN 8 pts
2nd IRL1586 James DWYER MATTHEWS 14 pts
3rd GBR6516 Ben MUELLER 17 pts
4th BER1010 Sebastian KEMPE 19 pts
5th GBR6304 Emily MUELLER 20 pts
6th HKG1197 Duncan GREGOR 24 pts
7th ESP2715 Alfonso MORENO 27 pts
8th NED3118 Yanne BROERS 30 pts
9th IRL1607 Johnny FLYNN 31 pts
10th USA22603 Bella SHAKESPEARE 32 pts
11th IRL1596 Justin LUCAS 33 pts
12th GBR6512 Joshua MEANS 40 pts
13th GBR6397 Florence BRELLISFORD 40 pts
14th GBR6398 Jamie GATEHOUSE 41 pts
15th GBR6521 Santiago SESTO-COSBY 41 pts
16th IRL1612 Harry TWOMEY 42 pts
17th IRL1604 Luke TURVEY 44 pts
18th USA21699 Ian FOX 46 pts
19th BEL1194 Lasse-finn SERGEYS 47 pts
20th GBR6520 Kuba STAITE 47 pts

Optimist Junior Fleet- Leaders after 5 races (120 entries)
1st USA22425 Aston SMITH 5 pts
2nd IRL1608 Rocco WRIGHT 10 pts
3rd IRL1614 Ben O'SHAUGHNESSY 10 pts
4th GBR6470 Charlie GATEHOUSE 19 pts
5th ESP1077 Ona GARCÍA PARÉS 20 pts
6th GBR6352 Josh LYTTLE 21 pts
7th GBR6098 George CREASY 22 pts
8th USA21833 Pearse DOWD 22 pts
9th IRL1502 Russell BOLGER 24 pts
10th GBR6156 Rory GIFFORD 26 pts
11th USA21855 Umi NORITAKE 27 pts
12th IRL1598 Clementine VAN STEENBERGE 27 pts
13th IRL1547 George PRITCHARD 28 pts
14th ESP2912 Rafael DE TOMAS 29 pts
15th GBR6244 Oscar MORGAN-HARRIS 29 pts
16th GBR6229 Henry MEANS 30 pts
17th FRA2630 Jasper ANDERSON 32 pts
18th GBR6400 Henry KEEGAN 34 pts
19th USA22581 Fynn OLSEN 35 pts
20th IRL1528 Peter WILLIAMS 40 pts

Optimist Regatta Fleet- Leaders after 8 races (57 entries)
1st GBR 5995 Angus MCEWEN Papercourt SC 14 pts
2nd GBR 5618 Sebastian LYTTLE Datchet 36 pts
3rd GBR 6327 Joseph JONES Burghfield 38 pts
4th GBR 5901 Jack DONOVAN Datchet SC 39 pts
5th GBR 6063 Hennie BURLTON Royal Southern YC 40 pts
6th GBR 5943 Edith INGRAM Dell Quay 41 pts
7th GBR 6402 William FLETCHER Royal Southern YC 46 pts
8th GBR 6084 Eliana EDWARDS Parkstone YC 47 pts
9th GBR 6376 Charlie HOWARD Burghfield 48 pts
10th GBR 5426 Freddie CALLAGHAN Royal Southern YC 56 pts

Full results here

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