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29er Class Nationals - Qualifying complete

Great conditions and lots of racing on Day 3 at Hayling Island

At the end of the qualifying series its nip-and-tuck with Freddie Peters and Elliott Wells tied on points with Ewan Wilson and Fin Armstrong for the overall lead.

In third place, eight points back, are James Hammett and Piers Nicholls, with Luke and Ewan Gribbin in fourth, and Henry Jameson and Toby Atherton fifth, covered by just three points.

Isabelle Fellows and Anna Sturrock are seventh overall and also first female team.

The breeze went SSW as racing started and increased to around 15 knots before falling back to 10 knots, and then building again to 20 knots through the afternoon.

Wednesday the final series starts with Gold and Silver split fleets.

(Great Peter Hickson Image is of GBR2347 - Freya Black and Millie Aldridge)

29er Class National and Open Championship - After 7 races (68 entries)

1st GBR 2788 Freddie Peters and Elliott Wells 7 pts
2nd GBR 2787 Ewan Wilson and Fin Armstrong 7 pts
3rd GBR 2344 James Hammett and Piers Nicholls 15 pts
4th GBR 2539 Luke Gribbin and Ewan Gribbin 16 pts
5th GBR 2816 Henry Jameson and Toby Atherton 18 pts
6th GBR 2826 Ewan Luke and Zac Blomeley 25 pts
7th GBR 2343 Isabelle Fellows and Anna Sturrock 28 pts
8th GBR 2225 Catherine Lindsay and Jake Hardman 34 pts
9th GBR 2347 Freya Black and Millie Aldridge 38 pts
10th GBR 2545 Chris James and James Hall 40 pts
11th GBR 2514 Ben Batchelor and Maddie Wylie 40 pts
12th GBR 2332 Sam Cooper and Toby Cope 44 pts
13th GBR 2696 Michael Dyer and Samuel Dyer 48 pts
14th GBR 2229 Hannah Roberts-Straw and Harry Pulford 50 pts
15th GBR 2849 Charlotte Ormerod and Jess Jobson 52 pts
16th GBR 2029 Nick Walters and Joe Bradley 52 pts
17th GBR 2203 Hattie Rogers and Pippa Cropley 53 pts
18th GBR 2414 Elodie Edwards and Amy Bale 57 pts
19th GBR 2848 Archie Leckie and Ben Ibbotson 63 pts
20th GBR 2241 Ben Hutton-Penman and Louis Johnson 67 pts
21st GBR 2025 Sarah Jarman and Hanna Brant 69 pts
22nd GBR 2828 Pierce Harris and Alfie Cogger 70 pts
23rd GBR 2362 Alex Ratsey and Ollie Hawkins 73 pts
24th GBR 232 Ollie Dixon and Dylan Walendy-Wrigley 74 pts
25th GBR 2695 George Richards and Gregory Brown 76 pts
26th GBR 2478 Sam Kneale and Ben Willett 77 pts
27th SUI 1179 Kaifun Shen and Benoit Leuenberger 77 pts
28th GBR 2432 Caitlin Webster and Dani Middleton 79 pts
29th GBR 1702 Oliver Fellows and Will Adler 80 pts
30th GBR 2327 Annie Hammett and Alice Masterman 81 pts
31st GBR 2433 Ollie Evans and Will Jarman 81 pts
32nd GBR 1858 Henry Chandler and Cossie Lewis 82 pts
33rd GBR 2329 Fergus Fox and Harry Fox 85 pts

Full results available here

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