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Fireball Nationals - Final Day at Penzance

Ian Dobson and Richard Wagstaff are the 2018 Gul Fireball National Champions

Dobson and Wagstaff were clear winners of the championship counting five first places from the nine races completed at Penzance Sailing Club.

In second place were Heather Macfarlane and Chris Payne, with Penny and Russ Clark taking third.

Gul Fireball National Championship - Final positions after 9 races

1st GBR 15141 Ian Dobson and Richard Wagstaff 13 pts
2nd AUS 15152 Heather Macfarlane and Chris Payne 18 pts
3rd GBR 15096 Penny Clark and Russ Clark 20 pts
4th GBR 14928 Anthony Willocks and James Willcocks 22 pts
5th CZE 14551 Jiri Paruzek and Jakub Kosvica 32 pts
6th GBR 15122 David Hall and Paul Constable 33 pts
7th GBR 14941 Derian Scott and Andy Scott 43 pts
8th GBR 15145 Steve Goacher and Tom Goacher 48 pts
9th GBR 15038 Colin Stephens and Tom Kliskey 73 pts
10th GBR 14950 Chris Thorne and Russell Thorne 75 pts
11th GBR 15070 Isaac Marsh and Kieran Graham 77 pts
12th CZE 14864 Martin Veit and Filip Krejza 77 pts
13th GBR 15045 Elaine Slater and Graham Slater 81 pts
14th GBR 14991 Andy Robinson and Tim Morgan 83 pts
15th GBR 13944 Dan Johnson and Ben Latham 86 pts
16th GBR 15046 Philip Popple and James Popple 97 pts
17th GBR 15149 Chris Turner and Jono Loe 108 pts
18th GBR 14821 Nick Hurst and Jake Elsbury 110 pts
19th GBR 14860 Peter Bettles and Richard Bettles 117 pts
20th GBR 14388 James Cuxson and James Neil Arnott 120 pts
21st GBR 14887 Thomas Payne and Alice Powell 123 pts
22nd GBR 14889 Barry Smith and Rick Spring 124 pts
23rd GBR 14284 Jason Cahill and Kerry Webb 158 pts
24th GBR 15121 Bryan Thompson and Sarah House Barklie 162 pts
25th GBR 14622 Jane Collison and Patrick Collison 166 pts
26th GBR 14656 Simon Benson and Sophia Benson 174 pts
27th GBR 15144 D J Edwards and Vyv Townend 196 pts

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