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International Canoe Europa Cup - Final in Berlin

The final three races of the 2018 IC Europa Cup had a grandstand finish with the races held directly in front of the Deutsch-Britischer Yacht Club

After Current world champion Robin Wood won the first two races of the day he just needed to finish the final race to secure the championship.

Chris Hampe and Shaun Anderson were now tied on points in the race to be second.

In this final race, the wind was occasionally veering to the east with significant changes in pressure. Wood led Anderson at the windward mark.

On the run, the wind died allowing the lead boats to pull away into a significant lead.

There was then an uncharacteristic error from Wood as he headed upwind mistaking one of the channel marker buoys for the windward mark.

This allowed Anderson to come through for the win and secure the second-place spot.

Axel Bierwagen also slipped past Wood to ensure fourth place and secure the German national championship.

International Canoe Europa Cup 2018, Berlin - Final After 12 races

1st GBR 344 Robin Wood Maas 13 pts
2nd GBR 319 Shaun Anderson Morrison 1 30 pts
3rd GBR 340 Chris Hampe Morrison 3 34 pts
4th GER 89 Axel Bierwagen Morrison 2 46 pts
5th GER 83 Simon Beers Maas 59 pts
6th GER 82 Roger Regitz Maas 66 pts
7th GER 85 Jan Stahl Stahl 69 pts
8th GER 68 Christopher Ossenkopp IC OD 82 pts
9th GBR 275 Alasdair Alston IC OD 104 pts
10th GER 74 Eckhardt Pagel IC OD 112 pts
11th GER 64 Fynn Beers IC OD 112 pts
12th GER 81 Anette Steimann Maas 118 pts
13th GBR 336 Robert Stebbing Maas 127 pts
14th GER 65 Emma Grigull IC OD 131 pts

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