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National 18 British & Irish Championships

The National 18s were out in force on the wide Blackwater estuary during the week of 15 to 20 July

Tom, Chloe and Patrick Crosbie from Royal Cork YC are the 2018 National 18 British & Irish Champions (Ultra).

They ended equal on points overall with Charlo Dwyer, Johnny Durcan, Robbie English, but the Crosbies took the major trophy by two points when the worst two results were discarded.

Third was another Irish boat 'Fifty Shades' (Nick Walsh) and fourth a Scottish entry 'Two and half men' (Richard and Stuart Urquhart).

The 'Ultimate' class prize was won by Crossfire of Antony Ellis from the Isle of Man in fine style, crewed by his son Nickolas who, at 11 years old, was much the youngest competitor, and Stuart Brew.

Entries came from England, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man and France.

Predominantly they were Morrison the latest 'Ultra' design, but there were also a number of 'Ultimates' which raced in a separate fleet.

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