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J/70 Class National Champion is SeriousFun

Mark Lees' SeriousFun is the 2018 J/70 National Champion after ten races at the Royal Southern YC.

Mark Lees finished 20 points clear of Martin Dent on Jelvis, with DSP of Doug Struth in third place and also top Corinthian competitor.

Another Corinthian entry, Soak Racing of Marshall King and Ian Wilson was fourth.

Lees won four of the ten races and after discarding an 18th place, kept his scoreline in single figures.

GJW Direct J/70 Class National Championship, leaders after 10 races (35 entries)

1st GBR 1383 SeriousFun Mark Lees 28 pts
2nd GBR 108 Jelvis Martin Dent 48 pts
3rd GBR 1248 DSP (Corinthian) Doug Struth 49 pts
4th IRL 1123 Soak Racing (Corinthian) Marshall King Ian Wilson 52 pts
5th MLT 441 Calypso Calascione/ Ripard 56 pts
6th GBR 1127 Eat, Sleep,J,Repeat Paul Ward 67 pts
7th GBR 1278 Sorcha J Peter Harrison 68 pts
8th GBR 746 JDog John Greenland 70 pts
9th GBR 933 Darcey Clive Bush 86 pts
10th GBR 1169 Jeepster Graham Clapp 88 pts
11th GBR 1203 PHAN Jeremy Thorp 100 pts
12th GBR 744 Elizabeth (Corinthian) Fiona Hampshire 102 pts
13th GBR 282 oceanrope.com Adam Munday 110 pts
14th GBR 741 Cosmic (Corinthian) Patrick Liardet 121 pts
15th GBR 972 Yeti (Corinthian) Jack Davies 139 pts
16th GBR 1282 Mjölnir Thor Askeland / Robert Larke 142 pts
17th GBR 1209 Alfie Ossie Stewart 146 pts
18th GBR 828 Brutus Charles Thompson 151 pts
19th GBR 745 RTYC Academy (Corinthian) Tarra Gill-Taylor 153 pts
20th GBR 1290 Bryn (Corinthian) Phil Rees 155 pts

Full results here

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