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Melges 20 World League at Riva del Garda

Victory for Igor Rytov, reigning European and Melges World League Champion

Igor Rytov of Russia (2-5-2-6-10-14) finished with a seven point lead ahead of countryman Alexander Novoselov (6-15-6-3-2-22) after six races.

In third place was Jim Wilson (4-3-SCP-9-7-13) of the USA with Drew Freides, USA ( 5-1-12-10-11-12) in fourth.

In counting the points of the Melges 20 World League, European Division ranking, the competition will further intensify as the season progresses.

Two events remain - Event No. 5 in mid-September, and the highly anticipated World Championship just one month later, both at Cagliari.

Currently, Vladimir Prosikhin RUS is the leader, however Ezhkov and Filippo Pacinotti's of Italy are lurking right behind equal in points.

Alexander Mikhaylik (24th) was top Corinthian competitor with Marco Giannini second, while another new name, Alexei Bunzya took home third place honours.

Melges 20 - World League European Division - Event 4 (42 entries)

1st RUS 296 Igor Rytov 25 pts
2nd RUS 275 Alexander Novoselov 32 pts
3rd USA 250 James Wilson 36 pts
4th USA 300 Drew Freides 39 pts
5th RUS 184 Pavel Grachev 47 pts
6th RUS 2 Alexander Ezhkov 49 pts
7th CZE 180 Jan Kuchar 51 pts
8th ITA 157 Giacomo Musone 51 pts
9th RUS 309 Vladimir Prosikhin 53 pts
10th GBR 414 Robert Wilber 53 pts
11th MON 23 Achille Onorato 60 pts
12th AUS 308 John Bacon 60 pts
13th ITA 50 Dario Levi 62 pts
14th ITA 667 Filippo Pacinotti 63 pts
15th POL 264 Krzysztof Krempec 66 pts
16th ITA 270 Manfredi Vianini Tolomei 67 pts
17th ITA 181 Luigi Giannattasio 71 pts
18th RUS 185 Sergey Sobolev 72 pts
19th ITA 410 Pietro Loro Piana 78 pts
20th MON 713 Valentin Zavadnikov 81 pts

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