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Youth Sailing Worlds - Day 2

USA extend their grip on the top of the leaderboards

After two days of racing with anywhere from four to six races completed, the top three in many classes have started to separate from the pack after being tightly bunched Monday.

For the Brits is was more of the same with just Islay Watson (2,4,2) in the Girls RS:X and Vita Heathcote and Emilia Boyle (1,6) in the Girl's 420, featuring in the top three of their events.

There were some better individual results:

Rhys Lewis and Drew Wright (3,12) in the Boys 420 moving up five places to 13th overall and in the Boys 29er, Ewan Wilson and Fin Armstrong spoilt a 4, 6 with a UFD to finish the day in ninth place.

Matilda Nicholls (3,8) moves up to seventh in the Girls Radial, while in the Girls 29er, Freya Black and Millie Aldridge (10,5,8) gained a place to 10th.

The USA now lead four event: the Boys 420 (Joseph Hermus and Walter Henry), the Girls 420 (Carmen and Emma Cowles), the Girls Radial (Charlotte Rose) and the the Boys RS:X (Geronimo Nores).

This leaves Norway's Pia Andersen and Nora Edland (17,1,1) leading the Girls 29er with Mathias Berthet and Alexander Franks-Penty (2,1,1) the Boys 29er, and Teresa Romairone and Dante Cittadini (1,1,1) of Argentina leading the Nacra 15.

New Zealand's Josh Armit (1,1) leads the Boys Radial, and Giorgia Speciale (1,1,1) leads the Girl's RS:X.

Racing is scheduled to continue Wednesday with 23 races planned among the nine classes.

Full results available here

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