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Inter Moth UK Nationals - Final day roll-over

Jim McMillan completed his push for the top of the leaderboard to take the 2018 title.

Jason Belben had led from day 1, but with Jim McMillan, Simon Hiscocks and Dave Kenelick closing him down, he could not afford any mistakes on the final day.

But, it did not go well for Belben.

McMillan took the first race of the day (R9) with Belben in sixth and Hiscocks and Kenelick also ahead of him.

He then missed race 10 to change foils, and that race went to Hiscocks with McMillan second, and suddenly McMillan was top of the leaderboard with two race to sail.

In race 11 the winner was Dave Hivey with Hiscocks second. Belben finished 6th and two places ahead of McMillan, taking it into the final race to decide the title.

Hivey took his second win, but the important action was behind him. Hiscocks finished second and McMillan third, with Belben back in 14th and it was game, set and match over.

Overall McMillan (1,2,8,3) had a four point cushion ahead of Belben (6,DNC,6,14), with Hiscocks (5,1,2,2) in third completing the podium places.

Thorpe Bay YC came in for a lot of praise for the way they ran the event and the friendliness of the members.

Jim McMillan: “I think the club have done an amazing job. They’ve been spoiling us with the meals and I think the next Nationals has a lot to live up to!”

International Moth UK Nationals - Final leaders (40 entries)

1st 4533 Jim McMillan 32 pts
2nd 4509 Jason Belben 36 pts
3rd 4386 Simon Hiscocks 38 pts
4th 4148 Dave Kenelick 38 pts
5th 4409 Ross Harvey 53 pts
6th 4525 Ben Clegg 59 pts
7th 4501 Dan Ellis 67 pts
8th 4542 David Hivey 74 pts
9th 4584 Mike Lennon 76 pts
10th 3980 Alex Adams 98 pts
11th 4149 Eddie Bridle 101 pts
12th 4534 Jason Russell 121 pts
13th 4548 Tom Offer 129 pts
14th 4442 Kyle Stoneham 143 pts
15th 4544 Mathew Lea 145 pts

Full results available here

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