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49er & 49erFX Europeans - Fight for the Cut on Day 3

Tuesday was all about making the cut for the Gold Fleet

Lady luck shone on the men’s 49er skiff fleet Tuesday morning, in a decent breeze they completed three races.

Spain's Diego Botín and Iago had two race wins to move to second place behind new leaders, Lukasz Przybytek and Pawel Kolodzinski of Poland.

But strange sea states and tricky breeze means tricky starts and the race committees handed out 22 black flag disqualifications (BFDs) for early starts including several during a general recall.

Those 22 disqualifications effected teams throughout the 49er fleet, knocking a number of teams well back into the standings and below the 25 boat cut-off.

Top French duo Fischer and Jauvin were pushed back to 27th place, while Italy's Plazzi and Tesei dropped to 30th, while high flying Aussies Gilmour and Donaldson dropped from 16 to 32nd after two BFD.

Another Aussie pair, Will Phillips and Iain Jensen had two BFD penalties, but stayed in the gold fleet, they dropped from 3rd to 13th.

Britain's top seeds made it through, Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell in fifth, with Jack Hawkins and Chris Tomas in 16th.

Ireland's Ryan Seaton and Séafra Guilfoyle also made it in 20th place.

49er Men - European Championship leaders after Day 3 (92 entries)

1st POL 4 Lukasz Przybytek and Pawel Kolodzinski 30.0 pts
2nd ESP 97 Diego Botín and Iago 31.0 pts
3rd ARG 51 Yago Lange and Klaus Lange 40.0 pts
4th GER 5 Justus Schmidt and Max Boehme 41.0 pts
5th GBR 1 Dylan Fletcher-Scott and Stuart Bithell 43.0pts
6th POL 19 Dominik Buksak and Szymon Wierzbicki 49 pts
7th SWE 121 Hannes Westberg and Albin Boman 54.0 pts
8th POR 27 Jorge Lima and José Luis Costa 54.0 pts
9th FRA 195 Lucas Rual and Amoros Emile 55.0 pts
10th SWE 16 Carl P Sylvan and Marcus Anjemark 61.0 pts

The women's FX fleets also suffered multiple postponements, course changes, general recalls, and finally black flag starts.

But it was good news for Britain's Sophie Weguelin and Sophie Ainsworth who had a third place finish in the one race completed, and move to second overall.

Ragna and Maia Agerup of Norway were the race winners.

Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey with an eighth place drop to 11th overall, while Megan Brickwood and Ellie Aldridge got a BFD penalty and missed the cut by two places.

49erFX Women - European Championship leaders after Day 3 (48 entries)

1st NOR 26 Helene Naess and Marie Ronningen 20.0 pts
2nd GBR 28 Sophie Weguelin and Sophie Ainsworth 26.0 pts
3rd ESP 178 Carla and Marta Munté Carrasco 28.0 pts
4th USA 50 Stephanie Roble and Margaret Shea 28.0 pts
5th NOR 20 Ragna Agerup and Maia Agerup 37.0 pts
6th POL 888 Aleksandra Melzacka and Kinga £oboda 37.0 pts
7th GER 9 Tina Lutz and Susann Beucke 38.0 pts
8th AUS 101 Natasha Bryant and Annie Wilmot 39.0 pts
9th SWE 15 Julia Gross and Hanna Klinga 39.0 pts
10th DEN 11 Ida Marie Baad Nielsen and Marie Thusgaard Olsen 42.0 pts

Full results available here

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