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Salcombe Merlin Week - Day 2

Another clear blue sky and an encouragingly healthy northeaster greeted the many sore heads after a big night in the club with Nick the Fish belting out the tunes

In the Red v Blue flights:

A win for Mike and Jane Calvert ahead of Alan Roberts and Rob Henderson with in third place Andy Davis and Alex Warren.

Fourth were Dave Wade and Ros McGrane, fifth Ian and Ellie Sharps recovered from their Sunday BFD ahead of Julian and Evan Parry in sixth.

In Green v Black flights:

A second win for Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby, ahead of Chris Jennings and Oli Wells with Simon Blake and Phil Dalby in third place.

Simon and Ally Potts came home fourth with Jason Andrews and Zeb Elliott in fifth. Nick Hegginbotham and Zoe Parry added a sixth to their eighth from Sunday.

Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week - Day 2 (120 entries)

1st 3778 Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby 1 (DNC) (DNC) 1 2 pts
2nd 3684 Andy Davis and Alex Warren (DNC) 4 3 (DNC) 7 pts
3rd 3738 Simon Blake and Phil Dalby (DNC) 6 (DNC) 3 9 pts
4th 3691 Mike Calvert and Jane Calvert 10 (DNC) 1 (DNC) 11 pts
5th 3726 Will Henderson and Mary Henderson (DNC) 2 (DNC) 9 11 pts
6th 3777 Simon Potts and Ally Potts (DNC) 7 (DNC) 4 11 pts
7th 3722 Roger Gilbert and Jane Gilbert 2 (DNC) 10 (DNC) 12 pts
8th 3764 Tim Fells and Frances Gifford 5 (DNC) (DNC) 7 12 pts
9th 3786 Dave Wade and Roz McGrane (DNC) 9 4 (DNC) 13 pts
10th 3658 Chris Jennings and Oli Wells 12 (DNC) (DNC) 2 14 pts
11th 3679 Nick Heginbototham and Zoe Parry (DNC) 8 (DNC) 6 14 pts
12th 3673 Caroline Croft and Matt Lulham-Robinson 6 (DNC) 8 (DNC) 14 pts
13th 3788 Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey (DNC) 1 14 (DNC) 15 pts
14th 3776 Alan Roberts and Rob Henderson 13 (DNC) 2 (DNC) 15 pts
15th 3716 Stephen Leney and Gillian Lenney 7 (DNC) 9 (DNC) 16 pts
16th 3656 Olly Turner and Miss Holly Scott 3 (DNC) 16 (DNC) 19 pts
17th 3676 Antony Gifford and Jo Gifford (DNC) 10 11 (DNC) 21 pts
18th 3796 William Warren and Maddy Anderson 4 (DNC) 18 (DNC) 22 pts
19th 3758 Tim Saxton and Jodie Green (DNC) 5 17 (DNC) 22 pts
20th 3799 Paul Rayson and Christian Hill 8 (DNC) (DNC) 15 23 pts

Full results available here

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