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Salcombe Merlin Week – Day 1

The 61st running of the legendary Salcombe Merlin Week opened Sunday

The morning racing was for the Red v Green flights:

Lack of breeze elsewhere around the estuary combined with a lack of water meant that the fleet would be doing sausages up and down in front of the Salcombe YC.

Mike and Jane Calvert scorched up the first beat to round first ahead of a leading group notable for its seniority; Alan Warren third and Pat Blake not far behind.

On the run back the wind started to die leading to Mike and Jane crossing over to the town side in search of more breeze . . . big mistake.

Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby established a nice lead from William Warren and Maddy Anderson on the run back to Y.

The Chris’s snuck around Y and were then able to barely look back as the rich got richer, in second were Roger and Jane Gilbert to move through to second followed by Olly Turner and Holly Scott third.

In the afternoon it was the Blue v Black flights.

The bulge at the start resulted in eight BFD starters and a few lucky to get away with it.

Early leaders Jenny Dodds and Pippa Kilsby were first to be pulled by the Board of Death followed by Jon Turner, Ian Sharps, Alex Jackson and Dave Winder from the leading group.

This cull left Will and Mary Henderson leading on a tricky track up to Yalton, but Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey played a blinder to take the lead followed by new kids on the block Nick Charles and Christian Humphrey.

Christian and Sam extending away to a comfortable win with Nick and Christian second and Will and Mary Henderson third.

In what is looking like a light wind week, the ability to get a clean start and avoid a BFD is already looking like a key strategy.

Sharps Doom Bar Salcombe Merlin Week - Day 1 (120 entries)

1 3788 Blue Christian Birrell and Sam Brearey (61.0 DNC) 1 62 pts
1 3778 Green Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby 1 (61.0 DNC) 62 pts
2 3726 Black Will Henderson and Mary Henderson (61.0 DNC) 2 63 pts
2 3722 Red Roger Gilbert and Jane Gilbert 2 (61.0 DNC) 63 pts
3 3785 Blue Nick Charles and Christian Humphrey (61.0 DNC) 3 64 pts
3 3656 Red Olly Turner and Miss Holly Scott 3 (61.0 DNC) 64 pts
4 3684 Blue Andy Davis and Alex Warren (61.0 DNC) 4 65 pts
4 3796 Red William Warren and Maddy Anderson 4 (61.0 DNC) 65 pts
5 3758 Blue Tim Saxton and Jodie Green (61.0 DNC) 5 66 pts
5 3764 Green Tim Fells and Frances Gifford 5 (61.0 DNC) 66 pts
6 3738 Black Simon Blake and Phil Dalby (61.0 DNC) 6 67 pts
6 3673 Red Caroline Croft and Matt Lulham-Robinson 6 (61.0 DNC) 67 pts
7 3777 Black Simon Potts and Ally Potts (61.0 DNC) 7 68 pts
7 3716 Red Stephen Leney and Gillian Lenney 7 (61.0 DNC) 68 pts
8 3679 Black Nick Heginbototham and Zoe Parry (61.0 DNC) 8 69 pts
8 3799 Green Paul Rayson and Christian Hill 8 (61.0 DNC) 69 pts
9 3786 Blue Dave Wade and Roz McGrane (61.0 DNC) 9 70 pts
9 3742 Red Peter Ballantine and Rob Allen 9 (61.0 DNC) 70 pts
10 3676 Blue Antony Gifford and Jo Gifford (61.0 DNC) 10 71 pts
10 3691 Red Mike Calvert and Jane Calvert 10 (61.0 DNC) 71 pts

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