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Dragon Edinburgh Cup - Graham Bailey leads

After day 1 of the International Dragon Edinburgh Cup Graham Bailey leads

Graham Bailey, sailing with Julia Bailey, William Heritage and Wiliam Bedford, has taken a one point lead after two races on the opening day of the Dargon UK Championship at the Royal Torbay YC.

The first race went to Grant Gordon, with Bailey in second and Lawrie Smith in third place.

In the second race Bailey took the gun ahead of Lawrie Smith with Grant Gordon taking third place, keeping the podium places in this leading trio.

Simon Barter sits in fourth place, four points off the leaders, with fifth Thomas Vernon.

Great Day 1 video by Video Producer: VR Sport Media

While the rest of the south baked in the sun, in Torbay they had their own strong north easterly breeze and even some rain.

All three leaders were racing four up.

Dragon Edinburgh Cup - After 2 races

1st GBR782 Graham Bailey 2 1 3 pts
2nd GBR820 Grant Gordon 1 3 4 pts
3rd GBR815 Lawrie Smith 3 2 5 pts
4th GBR763 Simon Barter 5 4 9 pts
5th GBR810 Thomas Vernon 4 7 11 pts
6th GBR819 Klaus Diederichs 8 5 13 pts
7th SUI318 Wolf Waschkuhn 10 6 16 pts
8th CAY9 Peter Cunningham 7 10 17 pts
9th GBR408 Dimitry Bondarenko 6 14 20 pts
10th GBR761 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox 12 8 20 pts
11th GBR682 Eric Williams 14 9 23 pts
12th GBR818 Mike Budd 15 11 26 pts
13th GBR777 Owen Pay 13 13 26 pts
14th GBR722 Mark Wade 16 12 28 pts
15th RUS2 Michael Cope 21 15 36 pts
16th GBR696 Patrick Lomax 17 20 37 pts
17th IRL201 Martin Byrne 9 29 38 pts
18th GBR704 Martin Makey 22 17 39 pts
19th GBR788 Rob Campbell 20 19 39 pts
20th JPN50 Bocci (Atsushi) Aoyama 11 29 40 pts

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