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British Finn Nationals - Just one race

Just one race completed on Day 1 of the British Finn Nationals

Henry Wetherell of the Beaver SC took the opening race, with Cameron Tweedle in second and James Skulczuk third, all in the Under 23 catagory of the championship

In fact it was down to sixth place before Simon Percival broke the Under 23 grip on the leading places.

Which is proberly just as well, as the leading British Finn sailors already pass on this event, thus no Giles Scott, Ed Wright or Ben Cornish.

With the breeze dropping as the afternoon wore on, the second race was abandoned, and racing will continue Saturday.

Lots more images from Peter Hickson click here

The championship is hosted by the Mengeham Rythe SC, with racing in Hayling Bay.

GAC PINDAR British Finn Nationals - (58 entries)

1st GBR 71 Henry Wetherell Under 23 Beaver SC 1 pts
2nd GBR 98 Cameron Tweedle Under 23 WPNSA 2 pts
3rd GBR 81 James Skulczuk Under 23 WPNSA, MYC 3 pts
4th GBR 703 Markus Bettum Under 23 Gurnard SC 4 pts
5th GBR 635 Simon Percival Master Christchurch SC 5 pts
6th GBR 73 Graham Tinsley Grand Master Yorkshire DalesSC 6 pts
7th GBR 774 Andy Couch Classic Leigh and Lowton 7 pts
8th GBR 74 Lawrence Crispin Grand Master Stone SC 8 pts
9th GBR 38 Callum Dixon Under 23 Docklands S & W Centre 9 pts
10th GBR 28 Jack Arnell Under 23 Christchurch SC 10 pts
11th GBR 2 Allen Burrell Grand Master Thorpe Bay Yacht Club 11 pts
12th GBR 41 Paul Childs TBA Hayling Island SC 12 pts
13th GBR 49 James Downer TBA Gurnard SC 13 pts
14th GBR 33 Kieron Holt Master Warsash SC 14 pts
15th GBR 61 John Heyes Grand Master Mengeham Rythe SC 15 pts
16th GBR 21 Michael de Courcy Grand Master Mengeham Rythe SC 16 pts
17th GBR 17 Simon Pettit Grand Master Mengeham Rythe SC 17 pts
18th GBR 679 James Cole Master Warsash Sailing Club 18 pts
19th GBR 718 Graeme Macdonald Legend Mengeham Rythe SC 19 pts
20th GBR 750 Ivan Burden Grand Master Burridge 20 pts

Full results here

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