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British Championship for Olympic Sharpie

The 12 Square Metre class, designed in 1931, was used in the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games

Carefully restored boats are still raced in the UK, Holland, Germany and Portugal and recently the British Sharpie Championship was held at Brancaster Staithe SC.

A total of 22 boats took part including three from Holland.

Daan Versteeg and Ton van Berkel (2014 Euro Champions) took overall victory, counting three wins and two second places.

In second, and British Champions, were Will and Chris Gibbs, who with two race wins were tied on points with third placed Dennis van Vliet and Ben Kloos of Holland.

The vintage olympic games, being held in Stockholm in September, will include races for the 12 sq metre sharpie for the first time since 1956.

British Sharpie 2018 Championship - Final after 6 races

1st NED 14 Daan Versteeg and Ton van Berkel 7 pts
2nd GBR 125 Will Gibbs and Chris Gibbs 12 pts (GBR Champion)
3rd NED 135 Dennis van Vliet and Ben Kloos 12 pts
4th NED 226 Richard Mulderij and Oggy 27 pts
5th GBR 135 Martin Read and Immy Gibbs 37 pts
6th GBR 136 Brian Lambert and Sam Neal 38 pts
7th GBR 16 Andrew Cracknell and Justine Sykes/Charlie Orton 42 pts
8th GBR 69 Rob Wynne and Sally Wynne 43 pts
9th GBR 12 Tim Gibbs and Charlie Orton 46 pts
10th GBR 128 Alex Smith and Paul Beachell 46 pts
11th GBR 123 Henry Burkitt and James Nye 51 pts
12th GBR 133 Ben Goakes and Paul Goakes 52 pts
13th GBR 127 Adam Anthony and Ed Farrell 56 pts
14th GBR 134 Will Adams and Tim Adams 64 pts
15th GBR 9 Paddy Spink and Ros Blazejczyk 66 pts
16th GBR 102 Charlie Bennion and Jim Crossman 67 pts
17th GBR 106 Bruce Kemp and Patrick Neal 70 pts
18th GBR 111 Tim Ashby and Charlie Borthwick 77 pts
19th GBR 118 Simon Neale and Harvey Gunhouse/Darnell Empson 80 pts
20th GER 122 Uwe Peters and Guenter Daubenmerkl 87 pts
21st GBR 3 James Nunn and Cliff Nye 99 pts
22nd GBR 92 Dick Pratt and Anne Rehill 125 pts

Full results available here

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