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RS Summer Championships - Turn, Turn, Turn

To every thing there is a season and last weekend it was time for the RS Summer Championships

Hosted by Parkstone YC for the RS100, RS200, RS300, RS400, RS500, RS600, RS700, RS800 and 2000 fleets.

There were 224 sailors of all ages in 134 boats from all over the UK racing in nine fleets.

Only one day of racing was managed. On Saturday - four races - and then Sunday the sea breeze did not establish in time to send out the ships for a 15:00 hrs latest start.

Congratulations the Rooster RS Summer Champions:

RS100 Brett Aarons

RS200 Maria Stanley and Rob Henderson

RS300 Dave Acres

RS400 Jon Gorringe and Rachel Rhodes

RS500 Harry and James George

RS600 Ian Montague

RS700 Richard Wadsworth

RS800 Tim Gratton and Fiona Hampshire

2000 Iain and Sarah Yardley

Full results available here

Acknowledgement to: Book of Ecclesiastes, The Byrds and Pete Seeger

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