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Laser & Radial Masters - Final at HISC

Final day of the Laser Performance Masters National Championships at Hayling Island SC.

Just two races were managed on the final day, with the Laser and Radial leaders confirming their championship victories.

In the standard Laser, Mark Lyttle of Queen Mary SC finished with six race wins and 14 points ahead of Tim Law of Salcombe SC, with Nick Harrison of Stokes Bay SC third.

In the Radial class, Ben Elvin of Stokes Bay SC managed seven race wins to finish 13 points ahead of Ian Jones of Dovestone SC. In third place was Roberta Hartley of Parkstone YC.

Laser Masters National Championship - after 8 races (61 entries)

1st GM Mark Lyttle Queen Mary SC 11 pts
2nd GM Tim LAW Salcombe YC 25 pts
3rd GM Nick HARRISON Stokes Bay SC 32 pts
4th GM Alan DAVIS Oxford SC 46 pts
5th M Thomas w. MUELLER SCLM 57 pts
6th M Stuart HUDSON Keyhaven and Spinnaker 61 pts
7th GM Tony WOODS Qmsc / Sbsc 65 pts
8th GM Chris ELLYATT Queen Mary SC 70 pts
9th M Lutz HIRSCH M├╝hlenberger Segelc 76 pts
10th AM Chris WHALLEY Parkstone YC 80 pts
11th AM Roger O'Gurman Queen Mary SC 81 pts
12th M Gareth GREENFIELD Oxford SC 86 pts
13th M Andy LE GRICE Warsash 90 pts
14th GGM Michael HICKS Queen Mary SC 95 pts
15th AM Dave FREEMAN Queen Mary SC 99 pts
16th AM Tim PEARSE Stokes Bay SC 107 pts
17th GM Tim DICKINSON Hayling Island SC 132 pts
18th AM Jim Fifield King George SC 135 pts
19th AM Rupert BEDELL Queen Mary SC 137 pts
20th M Neil PETERS Pevensey Bay SC 141 pts

Radial Masters National Championship - after 8 races (48 entries)

1st AM Ben ELVIN Stokes Bay SC 7 pts
2nd M Ian JONES Dovestone SC 20 pts
3rd M Roberta HARTLEY Parkstone YC 30 pts
4th AM Andrew BYRNE King George 34 pts
5th GM Terry SCUTCHER Shotleysc 46 pts
6th M Ian GREGORY Frensham Pond SC 56 pts
7th AM Niall Peelo Queen Mary SC 70 pts
8th GM Rob CAGE Thames SC 71 pts
9th M Andrew HOLDSWORTH ST. Francis YC 77 pts
10th GM Jimmy CARTER LSC 77 pts
11th GGM David BINDING Weir Wood 79 pts
12th M David CATTO Hunts SC 82 pts
13th M James Stewart Netley SC 83 pts
14th AM Ian ALDRIDGE Lancing 91 pts
15th M Sean CRAIG Rstgyc 98 pts
16th GM Ann KEATES Parkstone YC 119 pts
17th GGM Mike KINNEAR Grafham Water SC 120 pts
18th AM Alison STEVENS ASA 133 pts
19th M Andrew HARTLEY Parkstone YC 140 pts
20th GM Richard Ellis CCYC 144 pts

Full results available here

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