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Doreste claims Finn World Masters

1988 Olympic Finn gold medalist, José Luis Doreste, from Spain, wins 2018 Finn World Masters at El Balís, Spain

After a 30 year gap it would seem Doreste has lost none of his Finn skills. He also picked up the Grand Grand Masters title.

Antonio Poncell, from Chile, sailed the best day to take second and Grand Masters winner, while Giacomo Giovanelli, from Italy did just enough for third, and was the first Master.

The largest cheer as always went to the Legends and Super Legends with a record breaking entry.

Super Legend Gus Miller

After a recount, Friedrich Müller, from Germany, won the Legends category for the third time, while Gus Miller, from the USA, won the Super Legends.

Gathering 45 Legends on stage was not only an emotional moment for everyone, but proof that Finn sailing can be a sport for life.

Finn 2018 World Masters - Final results

1st ESP-555 Jose Luis Doreste GGM 6 pts
2nd CHI-12 Antonio Poncell GM 8 pts
3rd ITA-202 Giacomo Giovanelli M 8 pts
4th RUS-73 Vladimir Krutskikh M 10 pts
5th ESP-17 Xavier Penas GM 10 pts
6th RUS-161 Aleksander Kulyukin M 10 pts
7th ESP-79 Joaquin Blanco Roca GGM 10 pts
8th GER-711 Andre Budzien GM 12 pts
9th GER-193 Thomas Schmid GM 14 pts
10th AUS-22 Paul McKenzie GM 15 pts

Full results available here

Other results
Lady: Tina Sperl
Masters: 1st Giacomo Giovanelli, 2nd Vladimir Krutskikh, 3rd Aleksander Kulyukin
Grand Masters: 1st Antonio Poncell, 2nd Xavier Penas, 3rd Andre Budzien
Grand Grand Masters: 1st Jose Luis Doreste, 2nd Joaquin Blanco Roca, 3rd Francesco Cinque
Legends: 1stFriedrich Müller, 2nd Valerii Gusenko, 3rdMiguel Alvarez Valls
Super Legends: 1st August Miller, 2nd Willi Meister, 3rd Ola M Johannessen

Lots More Photos here

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